About us

Hi there!

We’re Carine and Derek, two Canadians who left winter behind to travel the world and discover all the wonders it has to offer.

We met 8 years ago, through a mutual friend and an insane love of hockey, and the magic hasn’t stopped since.

We constantly push each other to go beyond our comfort zone – the best thing you can ask from your best friend and spouse. We complete each other in the best possible ways. And we’ve always done things our way, from our wedding to our choices in life. Which is why, after a few years of working great jobs, we knew the 9-to-5 grind was not how we wanted to spend the rest of our adult lives.

One faithful day, daydreaming as we usually do, Carine wondered what it would be like to travel full-time, at least for 1 year. And that’s when the idea started brewing. We saved every penny we could, quit our jobs, sold most of our things and started our journey!

wediditourway in Haghartsin Armenia

For the last 12 months, we’ve been traveling through Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, meeting incredible people, learning about exciting cultures and truly immersing ourselves in this life-changing experience.

In the couple, Carine is the negotiator, the planner and the worrier (thanks mom). She’s also the one with the crazy ideas, but the patience to research things in detail. With her background in Marketing, she runs the Instagram account, retouches the pictures and still finds time to freelance as a marketing consultant.

Derek is the go-with-the-flow, but get-things-done guy. He’s hard-working (he worked 2 jobs back home, cause why not?) and he’s super-organized. He’s always down to try anything, and he’s super competitive. He writes for the blog, puts the blog posts up.

16 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Hi Carine and Derek! I don’ follow hockey anymore, but I did play travel hockey when I was younger. I actually used to go fishing near kingston, Ontario with a friend in my childhood. It seems as though we have something in common – leaving behind the “norm” to go explore and make life an adventure. Keep doing what your doing and I will check you guys out on YouTube!

    Andrew (souls gone wild)


  2. Carine and Derek, I love your enthusiasm! If I didn’t have kids (I’m a single Mom), I’d probably do the same thing as you are doing – so I will live vicariously through you both – at least for now! 😉


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