15 things we wish we knew before starting our Instagram

Here are 15 things we wished we knew before starting our travel Instagram account. If you’re looking to monetize your account, you may want to know these things too.

Instagram.  We all have our opinions on it, love it or hate it.  We’ve been on the platform for almost a year now. We’ve grown to a decent following, and have worked with many brands during this time.  We are, by no means, experts on the matter, but after a long period of high activity on this channel, we’ve learned quite a few things.  We’ve been through some good times and some rougher times on the platform.  We want to share what we’ve learned with those who want to document their trip in the hopes of becoming the next big social media travel influencer.  We don’t have all the answers, but this should help get things started.

Our journey

We started our Instagram page about a month after leaving on our long-term trip.  Our friends back home were begging us to document our travels so they could see where we were and what we were doing.

We started out innocently enough, posting decent enough pictures that we edited through Adobe Lightroom.  We just wanted to make them pop a little more.  We had very little followers and were doing this more for fun than with the hopes to become content creators (we actually hate the word Influencer, but that’s a story for another day).

Wediditourway Bannf Canada
The Canadian Rocky Mountains are amazing!  Banff, Canada our first stop and one of our first pics

Slowly (and yeah, we mean very slowly) our following started to grow.  After 4 months, we had about 4,000 followers.  We didn’t quite understand why people were following us, but they did.  Then, over the course of 2 months, we more than doubled our community, finally reaching 10k followers.  That was an awesome milestone!  We were so proud, so happy.  We had started putting a lot of time and energy into growing our community.

But then, things started to change.  We went go from gaining about 700 followers a week to being stuck between 11k and 12k for the last 2 months.

Wediditourway Lake in Alberta Canada
Our very first Instagram picture on our account. A beautiful lake in Alberta, Canada

This isn’t the same journey for everyone.  Some grow super fast, then stagnate.  Others are super slow to grow then gain 50k followers in 5 months.  Others just grow consistently throughout time.  It’s different for everyone, but most will tell you that these lessons are universal.

Through the ups and downs, we keep sharing our adventures with others, hoping that we can inspire others to get out there and create their own adventure.  We also love documenting our adventure through photography.  We often take a look back in time to see how far we’ve come.

So here’s what we learned along the way (and are still learning).  Hopefully, it will help you get off the ground a little quicker, and get you to where you want to be.

What we learned

You are not alone. Find your niche

When we started out, there were tons of other travel accounts out there.  There are new ones popping up every day.  Don’t worry, because there is room for everyone in this world (and on Instagram).

Wediditourway Jeju South Korea
South Korea’s island paradise, Udo Island, near Jeju

So to set yourself apart and find your niche.  Be super targeted.  If you want to do travel, dig down another two layers.  That can mean eco-friendly couple travel, or budget nature travel, or LGBTQ travel with pets.  Whatever it is, there is something that makes you unique.  Focus on that.  Always.

Find inspiration but don’t copy

Pretty simple, no?  We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again.  It’s ok to get inspired by your favourite couples out there, those amazing photographers, or the witty captions you read.  What’s not ok, is straight up copy them.

Wediditourway Mayajimacho Japan
A ferry ride from Hiroshima is Miyajima, Japan and its famous torii

It’s ok to find inspiration, in fact, it can help you get started or out of a creative slump.  It also helps you figure out what type of pictures you like, what kind of editing you want to do, and what you want to focus on.  So take a look at what other accounts are doing, what works and what doesn’t, but be sure you make it unique in your own way.

Consistency is key

We’re actually really bad with this, but we know it’s super important!  A very popular couple we know and love posts at the same time every single day.  That is commitment, and that’s the right way to do it.  Your followers will know that you are serious about the account and your work, and they’ll know to expect to see you at the same time every day.

We try to post every day, but timing gets tricky.  We’re travelling and we want to enjoy our trip as well.  We won’t turn down dates with friends, or pull our phone out when we’re in the middle of an activity.  We’d rather be fully present in the moment.

Wediditourway Cairns Australia.jpg
A fun hike through the rainforest in Cairns, Australia

Find a balance that works for you, look at what times your audience is online, and stick to that timeframe.  Be flexible, but have some rigour about it.

Extra tip: To figure out what the best time to post is, make sure you sign up for a business account on Instagram.  Use the data to target your posts as much as possible.  This will also help when you’re building your media kit.

Content is king

Your pictures, your stories, your captions, everything you put out is your content.  It’s part of your brand, and it should be as awesome as you can make it.  It’s a process for sure, and you will continuously be learning.  Make sure your content is not only good for your standards, but for the standard of what’s online.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put anything out until it’s perfect, because perfection doesn’t exist.  Just make sure it’s the best thing that you can put out at that time.  If it doesn’t make you happy or proud to put it out there, skip that day, or post something else.

Wediditourway Wanaka New Zealand
We found this little furball near Wanaka, New Zealand

Extra tip: To make sure your pics are always on point, make sure you edit them with software like Adobe Lightroom.  If you want to create a consistent feed, use presets like the ones from Aggie Lal (@travel_inhershoes) or Marie Fe and Jake Snow (@mariefeandjakesnow).

Stories are queen

Often, people focus so much on their feed, they forget to put effort into their stories.  Your stories should to have purpose too.  They need to show your personality and what makes you unique.  Put effort into your stories, and show the real you.  Take people on the adventure with you, share candid moments.  This is what will keep them coming back.  Be consistent with your stories as well!

Wediditourway SignaporeWediditourway Marine Bay Sands Signapore
Staying silly, as always, in Singapore

Extra tip:  If you want to create a nice theme through your stories, use an app like Unfold.  You can also put hashtags in your stories so more people see them, either through the #Hashtag sticker, or even just as text hidden in your story.  Be sure to use the location as well, as that will help get more views and help locate people.

Another extra tip: If you start creating your story, then save it to share later, beware!  Pretty much anything you save, like the slider, a poll, heck even hashtags, will not work if you post a saved story later on!  So create your caption and save that story, but add anything else that adds engagement just before posting.

Start before your trip

This was one of our big lessons.  We should have started creating content before we left on our trip.  There are so many reasons for that.  You get to learn how to use your gear.  You figure out what works and doesn’t for you (in terms of style, poses, editing, all of it!)  You get to see if you need more gear.  And even more importantly, you start building your community while you’re still at home.  Just make sure your content fits with your niche.

Wediditourway Ao Nang Thailand
Thailand has the nicest sunsets, Ao Nang is no exception

Engage. A lot.

The key to succeed on Instagram is no secret.  Engage, engage, engage.  The earlier you start, the more you do, the better!  Some larger accounts say that to grow, you need to spend a good 3-5 hours/day liking, commenting and following other accounts.

To be honest, we know we should have done more of this, especially in the beginning, when the algorithm wasn’t such a *insert expletive of your choice here*!  But to be honest, we were having too much fun on adventures to spend that much of our time on social media.  But if your goal is to grow quickly, then spend your free time engaging.  It’s called social media for a reason.  So get social.

Wediditourway Angkor Wat Siem Reap Cambodia
Angkor Wat, enough said!  Siem Reap, Cambodia

And like we said, if you start before you leave, you can do this while you’re watching TV at home, vs taking time away from your adventure, once you’re abroad.

Extra tip: It’s hard to get people to comment on your posts naturally, unless you are super kick-ass (which we’re sure you are!)  In the beginning, we would recommend joining 2-3 pods to get more comments (aka engagement).  Once your growth starts happening organically, you can drop out of them, as you will be getting regular engagement anyways.  Also, when people comment on your posts, be sure to return the favour and like/comment on their latest post too.

Don’t focus on the numbers

Ok, easier said than done.  Hell, we still get caught up in the numbers sometimes!  And we get it.  You put in so much time and effort to create great content.  You pick outfits and props, take the pics, edit them, think of captions and engage with others.  You want the numbers to reflect your hard work.  But the algorithm changes again, and you’re stuck wondering why your numbers are garbage.

So save yourself the trouble.  Really!  Don’t pay too much attention to the stats.  They will get you depressed.  And don’t compare yourself to others either.  You never know what they are really doing to get their numbers.  Did they buy likes, followers or comments?  Are they using the right hashtags?  Are they spending twice as much time as you on this?  Who knows, and really, who cares?!  Just work on your own path, enjoy the journey, and stay focused.

Wediditourway Langkawi Malaysia
Enjoying one of many waterfalls in Langkawi, Malaysia

The only times we would say to pay attention to those numbers are when a post does really well, or really poorly.  Try to draw conclusions so you can either replicate or avoid the same things.

Post only your best

Post only your best work on your feed.  Not what you think is ok, but really your best or your favourite.  If it’s not good enough, then don’t post, and just engage on that day.

Wediditourway Dumaguete Philippines
Taking it easy near Dumaguete, Philippines

People see so many posts in a day, that to really get the best engagement, you should be posting only your greatest work… or work that makes you happy!

It’s a lot more work than you think

We totally thought we could put some hashtags up, take good pics and grow a following magically.  Nope!  It’s a lot of work.  Like a lot!

We’re not just talking about the Instagram part, but all of it.  If you want to have a blog and a Pinterest, that will take a lot of time.  If you want to work with brands, you’ll need to build a media kit.  You’ll need to reach out to a lot of brands who often won’t answer you.  Reaching out and sending personalized requests takes time, effort and grit.

Then, once you get a collaboration, the work doesn’t stop.  You have to shoot, edit, put together what you promised the brand and send a report of your results.  It’s a lot of time and effort, but if you enjoy it, it’s totally worth every minute of it.

Wediditourway Berlin Germany
Taking in some awesome street art in Berlin, Germany

If you’re not in it for the long-term, or to monetize your account, then just stick to the parts you enjoy, and focus on those.

Extra tip:  When brands do start wanting to work with you, choose wisely.  There is no need to push products or brands you wouldn’t use in real life.  So stay true to who you are, and use your “influence” for good.  The perks may seem enticing, but don’t sell out your community for a quick pay-check.

Keep learning and evolving

Don’t get comfortable.  Ever!  Always look to perfect your skills.  Whether it’s your photography, your captions, your editing, your poses, whatever.  There area ton of sources out there to help you.  Look for the content creators you like and soak in their knowledge.  It will only help you grow as a creator, and keep your material fresh.

Wediditourway Valencia Spain
Always time for a good laugh, Valencia, Spain

Have fun with it

This is our #1 rule.  Just have fun with it!  Don’t let it get too serious.  Don’t get into arguments because of it.  Don’t let that famous Instagram shot be the only purpose for your trip.

Wediditourway Sahara desert Morocco
Strolling through the Sahara Desert, Morocco

The day you stop having fun, you need to re-evaluate what you’re doing and how you can make this fun again.  And if you can’t find the fun in it anymore, maybe it’s time you stop…

Have no shame

We’re not talking about getting naked, but if that’s your thing, go for it.  We’re not saying it’s ok to break the rules either, cause you should never “Do it for the ‘Gram”.  We’re talking about taking pictures in front of people.

It’s pretty awkward to set up a tripod in a crowded place, and start posing in front of strangers.  Like the time a security guard followed us around and stood 3 feet from us while we were shooting… AWKWARD!

Wediditourway Eauze France
We got some stares here, being silly again, in Eauze, France

People will stare, they will ask questions, and give you weird looks.  Just ignore them and have fun with it.

Make friends with other couples

This is probably the best part of Instagram: being able to connect with people.  Being a content creator on Instagram is not a competition.  Don’t push anyone down.  Seriously, there is room for everyone on the platform and that’s pretty awesome.

Wediditourway Athens Greece
Athens was jus amazing, Greece

Make friends with others, because the travel life can sometimes get lonely.  It’s fun to meet Insta-friends around the world.  When times get tough, or you need some advice, you can have a support system around you.  A bonus is that you can have friends (and places to crash) all over the world!

Diversify your portfolio

We were lucky that pretty early on in our journey, we met an awesome, pretty famous Instagram couple.  They were kind enough to share some knowledge that was passed on to them by another wise blogger.  And we’re passing it on to you now.  Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket, i.e. Instagram.

They told us to focus on our blog, because that’s a piece of the internet we actually own.  When wise people talk, we listen.

From then on, we focused more of our energy on the blog, not forgetting IG completely, but not putting in as much time and effort into it.  We also starting building our audience on Pinterest.

Wediditourway Dilijan Armenia
One of a hundred amazing sunsets we have captured, Dilijan, Armenia

We’re really happy we took this piece of advice.  We’re happy Instagram gets us to work with amazing brands, companies and hotels, but with the ever-changing algorithm, we’re using it more as a media channel for our blog.  If Instagram wants you to pay to get your content seen, and they are acting like a media outlet, then we will treat them like one!

The blog isn’t for everyone.  You really need to enjoy writing and have to find your niche there too.  If that’s not your thing, go for a Youtube channel, or become a Pinterest guru.  Just focus on the things that bring you joy.  And if you just want to post pics on Instagram, then do that.

So there it is, all the advice we wish we knew before we got started.  It would have helped manage our expectations and helped us avoid some important mis-steps.  But like we said, it’s a process, and for the most part, we’ve been enjoying it.

If you want even more tips from some of our favourite Instagram couples, you can check out their wise words here.

Is there any advice that you got that could help others?  What’s your favourite tip?  Let us know in the comments!

We put a lot of time and effort into the content we create.  Please like, comment and share, every action on your part helps us out tremendously and is very much appreciated.

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15 things we wished we knew before starting our Instagram account. We've learned so much in less than a year. We're happy to share our journey with you so you can learn from our mistakes and thrive. www.wediditourway.com

The best advice to start your travel Instagram account

Starting a travel Instagram account can be hard. We asked our favourite Instagram couples for their best advice to start your own travel account.

Off you go!  You’re setting out to travel the world and you want to showcase your experiences on Instagram.  But as you scroll through your feed, you realize, you’re not the only one.  So many others are out there creating beautiful content and sharing their trips with the world.  Don’t worry!  There is room for everyone on this platform.  That’s why we asked our favourite Instagram couples to share their best advice with those who want to set out, explore the world and create a beautiful Instagram feed.



Who they are:  We’re Alizée and Jordan, a young couple in love with travelling.  It’s been 11 months since we started discovering the most beautiful places in the world.  We do this to inspire people to chase their dreams.

Why we love them:  We love their whimsical editing style, and how throughout their journey, they’ve stayed hidden.  Although we’ve never seen their face, they look like such lovely people.  We love this French couple and their feed.  They make us feel like we could be in those magical places ourselves.

Their advice:  Love what you do.  And don’t start your account with the idea that you’ll get 100,000 followers.  Be authentic and unique.  Don’t do what everyone else is doing.

Where to follow them:  You can find their stunning pictures on Instagram or follow their advice on their blog.


Charlie and Lauren from @wanderersandwarriors

Who they are:  We’re Charlie & Lauren, a free spirited couple on the run originally from the UK.  We combine our sense of humour, love of travel and passion for life to explore the world.

Why we love them:  They were one of the first couples we started following.  They’re always smiling and happy and their light comes through in all their shots.  We even had the chance of meeting them in Singapore, and they are just super sweet!  They’ve been one of our inspirations from the get-go.

How long they’ve been travelling together:  We’ve been full-time travelling together for 16 months now.

Their advice:  Always make sure you show the real you and document your travels for how they really are.  Have fun and let the pictures come naturally… don’t force the Instagram life!  And always stay true to yourself!

Where to follow them:  See them travel the world on Instagram (and make sure to watch their stories) or check out their amazing blog for the best tips… especially if you’re heading to Bali.



Who they are:  We’re Estelle and William, a 24 and 25 year-old French couple who decided to go around the world indefinitely since January 2018.  

We decided to share our adventures on Instagram for several reasons, the first was the willingness to share our day-to-day adventures with our friends and family.  Then, we are passionate about photography, so the network seemed to be the most appropriate.  Finally, because the feed allows us to have a permanent “photo album” of our travels and we really like that. 

Why we love them:  Not only are these two vegetarians, but they have a raw and unedited style of travelling.  Their dry French sense of humour got us hooked, and they keep spoiling us with some of the most beautiful and untouched places we’ve ever seen.

How long they’ve been travelling together:  We’ve been on the road for the last 10 months.  At the moment we’re focusing on Asia, Southern Africa and a work-travel visa in Australia for the following year.  Our next step will surely be the Pan-American Highway!!

Their advice:  If we had 3 tips to give to those who would like to embark on the Instagram adventure it would be the following: Post quality photos that appeal to you first, and not for the sole purpose of pleasing the community. 

Don’t hide some parts of reality.  Even if it’s not always glamorous, be honest and true.  This is important to us to create a real connection with others. 

Do not be fooled by or get sucked into the Instagram machine.  Do not be tempted to buy likes, followers or other things like that.  Instagram is too unpredictable for you to lose your legitimacy!

Where to follow them:  They have a beautiful feed on Instagram, and for amazing tips on where to go to be the only traveller, check out their blog, en Français, bien sûr!



Who they are:  We’re Patricia & Miguel, a passionate couple who quit our jobs to travel the world and chase every bit of sunshine.  Our mission is to inspire people to live consciously and work on their self-development, travel the world to engage with communities, find home on earth and promote change.

Why we love them:  They have a way of transporting us to the most beautiful places, and their captions always hit home.  They are two beautiful souls, and their light shines so bright!

How long they’ve been travelling together:  We’ve been traveling together for about 2 years.  It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives.

Their advice:  Choose a name like you would a brand. You want people to remember you so make it personal and appealing. We played a game where we wrote some words down on paper, related to adjectives that characterized our beings, as well as names or expressions that described our passions.

Have a mission, because it is even more common now to have a couple account.  If you want to stand out, you must have a mission, so make sure you write down what your goals are with your account, so you can focus on the message you will deliver with your photos and captions.

And always be yourself.  This is the most important thing in the social media world.  If you want to engage with people and have them trust your influence on them, you must be real all the time, transparent and never copy other’s lifestyle.  Remember, we are all unique and true beauty relies not only on being the best version of yourself, but the real one.

Where to follow them:  Together, they created Freeoversea, an online destination (Instagram and a blog) where they share stories, travels and promote an ethical lifestyle, focusing on sustainability and conscious living. 



Who they are:  We are Bram and Manon from Flip Flop Wanderers.  We met each other in 2010 and we had our first big trip together pretty soon after!

Why we love them:  They are one of the sweetest people out there!  Plus, they pimped out their own campervan and have been travelling through New Zealand for so long.  Because we loved it there so much, we love reliving the beautiful places through their feed!

How long they’ve been travelling together:  Currently, we are on our 2nd world trip which started almost 2 years ago already.  We are not planning on stopping soon either, there is still so much we want to explore!  We like to travel ‘slow’ and discover what a destination really has to offer and experience the country.

Their advice:  When you start with an Instagram account, aiming to be an influencer, it is important to think about what kind of niche you want to focus on.  This can be as simple as your own travelling style.  Think about a name that suits this niche, and make sure it isn’t taken yet.  Using a lot of underscores, numbers or dots might make the name look like a cheap rip off from an existing one, so you want to avoid that.

In our opinion, the thing that really makes a good Instagram account is content.  It’s important to make great photos, look at composition and lighting.  Try to avoid selfies and crooked photos.  It’s not impossible to grow without the best content, and of course, it’s a learning process, but if you’re planning to stay for the long haul, content is king!

Where to follow them: You can tag along their roadtrip on Instagram, or check out their amazing blog.



Who they are:  Our Taste For Life documents the story of Charlotte & Natalie – A British lesbian couple chasing our dreams around the world on a shoe-string budget.  We share a passion for adventure, writing & photography and spend majority of our time bickering over what our next meal will be.  We have recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary of being on the road, and have no intentions of stopping any time soon.

You will currently find us gallivanting our way through the fascinating & beautiful India.

Why we love them:  These ladies are funny, sweet and just real.  We feel like we could totally hang out with them, and we would laugh the whole time!  Plus, they show us the most beautiful places on Earth!

How long they’ve been travelling together:  We’ve been on the road for a year, and we’re currently in our 9th country.

Their advice:  Get creative – In the modern world where Instagram is a prodigious community, creativity is most certainly King.  We aren’t all born natural photographers, however with the beauty of editing software such as Lightroom & Photoshop, there are heaps of ways you can add creativity to your shots.

Be Yourselves & Have Fun – This one is really important, as it’s easy to start comparing yourselves to others and consequently losing your own identity.  Remember nobody is more you-er than you, and that will always be your greatest strength.  It’s also easy to get so wrapped up in taking the perfect shot that you forget to have fun.  Trust us when we say the best photos are the ones taken when you’re both relaxed and enjoying yourselves.

Be Patient – Instagram is a hard game to crack so don’t feel deflated if you aren’t growing as quickly as you’d like to be.  Just keep working hard, enjoy the journey and trust that good content will prosper in the end.

Where to follow them:  They have some awesome tips and itineraries up on their blog, and you can find them on Instagram too.



Who they are:  We met 13 years ago in Vail Colorado when Jana came from Bulgaria to snowboard for one winter.  We fell in love and long story short, we’ve been together as a couple for 11 years now.  We are very passionate about traveling, spreading positivity and living a healthy lifestyle.  Jana’s been plant-based for over 15 years and Mikey for 12. We love the ocean and care about our environment.  We hope to inspire people to love the life they live and to be more kind and loving towards every living being.

Why we love them:  How can we not?! These two have beautiful pictures, and on top of it, they always have such motivating and positive captions.  They make anything and everything seem possible!

How long they’ve been travelling together:  We’ve been traveling together part-time for the past 10 years, and we’ve been to 53 countries as a couple.

Their advice:  One of the main things is to know and have a clear vision and idea of why you are doing it.  Figure out your message and the things that make you different and unique.

Another very important tip we tell everyone is to not get caught in the game of numbers, engagement and comparisons.  Don’t measure your worth by the algorithm and know that your relationship with each other is more important than your Instagram account.

Also, understand that it takes time to grow your account, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away.  Focus on getting better with your photography or other skills and make sure you dedicate more time to your relationship and the fun part of the journey.

Where to follow them:  Their Instagram feed is just goals and they have an awesome blog as well.



Who they are:  Hey everyone we are Corina and Greg.  A married couple living and working in NYC, travelling the world as much as possible.  Combined we have been to over 50 countries and our current goal it to hit all 7 continents together, which we only have 1 left!  Africa is the last one and we are hoping to knock off this next spring.

Why we love them:  For so many reasons!  These NYC folk show the best of the city, plus they travel to the coolest places (hello Iceland and Copenhagen!)  Plus, their editing is just super dreamy!  When we head back to NYC, we know who we want as tour guides!

How long they’ve been travelling together:  We first started travelling together just 3 weeks after meeting when we made a trip to Sayulita, Mexico.  All our friends thought we were crazy to be travelling internationally or travelling anywhere with someone we had just met, but if felt right!  And hey, 5 years later, we are happily married, travelling all over the world together.

Their advice:  1: If you are trying to make this into a business know it is going to take a lot of time and hard work.  It doesn’t happen overnight and be prepared to spend 3-5 hours a day growing your account, for at least the first 6 months.

2: Content is king.  This doesn’t mean you have to have the best equipment.  It just means try to be creative and take pictures from your own perspective.  Don’t just only take the same pictures that you see 100 times over on Instagram.  Switch up the poses, try and be as natural in the photos (which can be hard).  Laughing is key for this one we find lol.

3: Do it for fun!  If it is not fun, it is not worth doing!!

Where to follow them: You can tag along their travels through their blog and on Instagram



Who they are: We are Bre and Daniel from Colorado, USA.  We’re husband and wife, best friends, and travel companions.  We strive to deeply learn about each place we travel to through visiting local villages and partaking in volunteer opportunities.  As for our future, we’re not sure what it holds, but we are confident that our every move will be made in love and adventure.

Why we love them:  Because they are just lovable!  More than a travel couple, these two are our friends.  We had the pleasure of travelling 3 countries with them, and we can’t wait to discover more.  Their feed is beautiful and they are showcasing the best of South America right now.  Why did we not keep travelling with them?

How long they’ve been travelling together:  The world is a vast place and we knew it would take more than a lifetime to see, so in September 2017, we sold our belongings, packed our backpacks, and boarded a one-way flight to India. We’ve been on the road for 13+ months with no sign of stopping.

Their advice:  One of our favorite parts about being an Instagram user is that we’ve been able to evolve and learn as photographers and content creators.  We recommend using the platform to push yourself, to sometimes fail, and to grow from it.  Don’t be afraid to be creative, but also stay authentic.  We worry about the future of photography when images are faked or manipulated to a point of nonrecognition.

Try new things.  If you’re naturally good at landscape photography, try some portraits and use the platform for instant feedback.  Lastly, don’t think that your account needs to look like thousands of others to be successful.  Highlight the locals.  Post food pictures.  Take silly photos of yourself.  Just have fun with it and breathe — it’s only Instagram after-all.

Where to follow them: You can see where they are on the daily through their Instagram, or check out their blog for more details and inspiration.



Who they are:  We’re Zach and Tara Brose, creators and curators of The League Collective of Brands.  We’re born and raised in the United States (Zach in Wisconsin and Tara in South Carolina- but we met and fell in love in New York City).  We currently call Bali home.

Why we love them:  These two are all about wellness and living a great life.  We loved following their adventures through Greece.  Their pictures are always dreamy, and we just love it when they get creative and scribbly on their feed.  Come on, look how cool this picture looks!

How long they’ve been travelling together:  In 2017, we said goodbye to our beloved NYC and set out to travel full-time and build The League Collective into a lifestyle destination for all things travel, fashion and design.  Simply put, life in style for the modern adventurer.

Their advice:  Choose a niche and do it really really well!  The market is super saturated these days, so do something that is uniquely “you” and then perfect it. You can expand later! ie- traveling with a dog, the best Michelin-starred restaurants around the world, boutique hotels, something like that! Define your space and make yourselves known for it.  The better your photos/video are, the more you’ll stand out!  Invest in a nice camera and learn to use it well!

Where to follow them:  You can check out their amazing work on their blog, or see their daily posts up on Instagram.



Who they are:  Our names are Jared and Desiree.  We met in 2012 while attending Brigham Young University Hawaii.  After our marriage in 2015, we have always had a dream of travelling the world, but we weren’t yet sure how to go about it.  Starting in January of 2018, we saw an opportunity to take Instagram more seriously, and we started sharing our photos, experiences, and positivity with others.  It took a lot of work and research, but our following finally grew large enough to start working with brands and doing collaborations.

Why we love them:  Their silly antics and fun personalities got us hooked from the get-go.  Their feed is the happiest thing we’ve seen and their stories make us think we could be good friends!

How long they’ve been travelling together:  We finally made our dreams come true at the end of August (this year, 2018), when we worked to save up money, sold everything we had, and took off to start exploring!  We have been on the road (or in the air) ever since.

Their advice:  Be yourself!  Find your niche and roll with that.  It may take a while to figure out what you want to share or how to share it, but keep experimenting until you do.  No matter how many accounts may seem similar to yours, you can always find something to make yours unique and offer something different to your audience.

Tip 2: Do your research!  Learn about hashtags, the algorithm, optimizing your posting times, how often to post, etc.  This, too, will take some experimenting, but don’t give up!  There are a lot of resources out there that have answered many of the questions we had.  We have even found a lot of inspiration from analyzing successful accounts and determining what is working for them.

Where to follow them:  You can find them on Instagram or you can check out their awesome weekly vlogs on Youtube.



Who they are:  We are Kim & Raphaël, a French couple that grew up in the Caribbean on the island that Haiti and Dominican Republic share.

Why we love them:  Saying we love their pictures is just not enough!  They are beautiful and they go to magical places together.  They are awesome, and somehow, they make long-distance relationships look so easy.

How long they’ve been travelling together:  Our first big trip was Cuba, summer 2017.  We stayed one month, which is still too little for this wonderful place.  I started taking pictures during this trip with the idea of documenting our travels.  In the beginning Rapha was reluctant but he started getting into it, and developed a taste for it.  When we got back we decided to start our couple travel account, so we could help young travellers with authentic experiences.

Their advice:  After doing it for almost a year we we happy a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t.  So here are our top tips:

Post consistently.  Posting every day is super important.  The more you post, the more chances for your followers to see your pictures (or even people that don’t follow you will find you through the explore page or hashtags)

Post good content.  Try to post the best content you can.  Good content means good quality pictures but also unique ones (either a unique angle of somewhere popular or a brand new beautiful place that no one knows).

Be yourself and enjoy this journey.  It is super important to enjoy this journey in every aspect from taking pictures, to editing them and posting them on the Gram.  If you don’t enjoy the process, you will get tired of it and will feel like all this is fake or superficial (I often felt like that, so I took responsibility for it and now I have much more fun). Always spread love!

Where to follow them:  You can see all their amazing pictures on Instagram.

Did you think we were done?  Well nope!  We have our own advice to give as well.  But we’ll keep it short and sweet, because everyone has given some amazing tips already.

wediditourway sharing ice cream bohol philippines

Our advice:  It’s called social media for a reason.  Get social, make friends and actually connect with people.  Social media gets a bad rep for being too curated and fake, and sometimes, it can be.  But one of our favourite things about this platform is that we got to make so many real connections with other couples and people.  We’ve met a few of them on the road, and our experience would not have been the same had we not created these real friendships.

Social media and travelling can both get lonely at times, so if you really want to make the best of this experience, reach out to people, talk to them, make real connections, meet up with them.  Heck!  This article would not have been possible had we not reached out to all these beautiful people.

So go out there, document your travels, bring people on this trip with you and always have fun.  And remember, Instagram is just a platform.  It may not be here forever, so until then, make friends, have fun, and enjoy this trip you’re on!

Have you found these tips helpful? Do you have other tips to add to this? We’d love to know in the comments.  And if you’re ready to take the leap and go on this journey, make sure you check out our blog on how to take couple pictures for Instagram.

We put a lot of time and effort into the content we create.  Please like, comment and share, every action on your part helps us out tremendously and is very much appreciated.

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How to take couple pics for Instagram

How do we take our pictures for Instagram? We aren’t pros, but take a look at these tips to up your photography game.

Ok, it’s time for us to come clean and finally admit how we take couple pics for our Instagram feed.  This is probably the question we get the most often, after how we’re able to travel full-time.  Most assume we have a professional photographer that travels with us, or that we ask strangers to take our shots for us.  The truth is far from that.

Actually, we take all our shots by ourselves, with help from some very handy gear.  We’re not professional photographers, and we’re not models.  Everything we’ve learned has been self-taught.  We’re nowhere close to being done with our photography journey though, so sit tight, because this is only the beginning.

Having fun taking our pics!  This one is from Dilijan in Armenia

So here are the best tips we want share with you to take some good couples pictures.  Hopefully, they help you take some awesome IG pics as well (or just good pictures during your travels).  After all, these memories will last you a lifetime, and it’s pretty cool to share the stunning things you see with loved ones too.

Find some inspiration

There are tons of great accounts out there that will help inspire you on how to take pictures.  If you’re looking for poses, you can check out other couple or wedding photographer accounts.  If you’re looking for fashion shots, editing style, or framing, you can find it all on Instagram or Pinterest.  Just be respectful of other people’s art.  Getting inspired is fine, but never copy.  That’s just not cool.

Here are some of our favourite travel couples that inspire us every day:

@wanderersandwarriors:  We met these guys a while back in Singapore and they are so fun, approachable and genuine.  You can see their light shine through their pictures.

Charlie and Lauren from @wanderersandwarriors

@mariefeandjakesnow:  These two look so sweet, so kind and they work so hard to make the world a better place.  Their feed is beyond stunning.  More on them later!

Marie and Jake from @mariefeandjakesnow

@theloveandadventure:  Another couple we were lucky enough to meet and travel with (3 countries and counting).  They’re easy-going, adventurous and kind.  Plus, they go to awesome off-the-beaten-path locations.

Brie and Daniel from @theloveandadventure

@travelingfortwo:  These guys are fun-loving, easy-going and super relatable.  We love how they don’t even look like they try to take good pics, they just do!

Marla and Joel from @travelingfortwo

@lezseetheworld:  Fellow Canucks, and all-around awesome couple.  These two are super sweet and their pics are so lovey!

Kaitlin and Steph from @lezseetheworld

Get a camera with a timer or wifi

The gear you use will help you immensely.  Our camera has a timer function that allows us to set it, get into position then snaps up to 10 pictures of us.  Sometimes, we use our phone as a remote (and viewfinder) because our camera has wifi capabilities.

If you’re just getting started, we highly recommend our camera, the Canon EOS 1300D.  It’s great to learn the ropes and perfect your skills.

Use a tripod

Yes, this is the big trick, our big secret weapon.  Get yourself a good, sturdy tripod.  This has been our greatest investment and purchase yet.  Thanks for the advice Wanderers and Warriors.  You can’t rely on others to take the pictures you want, especially if you’re shooting in Manual mode.  Trust us, do yourself a favour, and get a tripod.  It will help your art so much!

Act natural

Sure, it’s a bit weird to pose in front of a camera on a tripod.  Sure, people will stare.  But ignore them and do your thing.  We used to feel super awkward, but now, we just act natural.  Our biggest tip is just to have fun with it.

stealing my ice cream Alona beach philippines
We started shooting and she decided to steal my ice cream. Can’t get more natural than that!

Use the best light

Sure, you can pretty much change anything with Lightroom and Photoshop, but give yourself a good start.  Make sure you shoot when the light is the best and softest, aka Golden Hour.

If you love sunrise, then you’re in luck, because that’s a good time to shoot.  If you’re like us and like to sleep, then you’re also in luck, because you have golden hour before sunset too.

Chocolate Hills Sunrise shoot golden hour bohol philippines
Taking advantage of the soft golden lighting at sunrise, at the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines

If you’re shooting outside of those hours, when the sun is the harshest, make sure you underexpose your pictures so the sun doesn’t “burn” any pixels.  Yeah, we may have learned this the hard way.

Overexposed picture from the waterfalls in Negros Oriental, Philippines
Where is Derek’s foot? The sun “burned” the pixels in this overexposed shot

Use Lightroom

Ok, this is another secret lifesaver/game-changer.  Get yourself a Lightroom account, pay the $15USD per month, and turn any picture into art.  Seriously.

Lightroom has helped us up our game so much.  You can change anything from the exposure of the shot, to the colours (hue, saturation and luminance), the angle of the shot, whatever.  You can get rid of things (or people) too.  It takes some learning to master it, and we’re no masters… yet.  We’re getting there!

The magic of Lightroom brought the colours of the sunset to life

Little editing tip (also a photography tip): Always, ALWAYS shoot in RAW.  You will capture so much more details in your pics and editing will be easier.

And if you want to make things even easier, we recommend buying presets.  They automatically turn your pictures into the style you want.  Our favourites come these 2 accounts:

Never stop learning/evolving

From your photography style to your editing skills, there are tons of tools out there to help you out.  Like we said, we’ve learned all our skills by ourselves, but with the help of some great teachers.

We constantly search on YouTube for photography tips and editing tricks.  We want our art to evolve with time.  You can see how we used to shoot vs how we shoot now, the change is shocking.  We’re going to keep growing and learning.

Little photography tip:  Make sure you know how to shoot in Manual mode. It will take your pictures to the next level.

Be mindful of others

Sure, we say to ignore others, but we’re talking about ignoring their funny looks and laughs.  Yes, they will laugh and stare.  Or cheer, like the time Derek picked me up in front of a crowd!  Whatever happens, be mindful of others.  Don’t take too much time in front of a popular spot.  Don’t push people out of the way.  Don’t yell at them (yeah, we’ve seen it happen).  Just be cool, wait your turn, do your thing and move on.

We waited for 15 minutes to take this shot in front of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. We did 10 quick snaps and were out of there in under a minute.

Never disrespect

This is a no-brainer for us.  Don’t break the rules.  Don’t take pictures of others without their consent.  Don’t change your outfit in a religious place to look sexier for the likes.  If you bring props, take them back with you (please don’t litter).  Don’t shoot on people’s properties without their approval.

Treat the places you’re in and the people you’re around with respect.  Don’t forget, you’re not just representing yourself, you’re representing all Instagram couples and content creators.  Don’t give the community a bad rep!

We asked a security guard for permission before shooting with our tripod in Hassan 2 Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco

Don’t just do it for the ‘Gram

This is key.  Don’t ever, EVER, do things just for the ‘gram.  Don’t chase the likes or follows by doing anything dangerous.  Don’t go take pictures of places only because they’re the cool spots for Instagram.  Don’t get into arguments together because of pictures.  Don’t do things that don’t make you happy.  And no matter what, never take pictures if you’re not in a good mood.  Because it will show.

So if you’re not both in the mood to take pics, just don’t do it.  And if you need other tips on how to travel as a couple, you can read more about it here.

Having fun during our shoots and making sure we don’t actually kill each other

Invest in good photography equipment

Okay, so you can get yourself some really expensive gear and shoot in automatic, or get yourself some decent gear and learn the ropes before you upgrade.  This will totally depend on how much you want to invest from the get-go, and how much you’re willing to learn.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you’re comfortable using the gear you have.

So here is some of the gear we use, and what we wish we had (Yeah, we’ll be upgrading as soon as we have an income).


Here is what we use:


Canon EOS 1300D:  Great starter DSLR camera, tons of great functions, shoots videos in HD and has wifi capabilities.

GOPRO Session 4:  Great for underwater video and shots.  It’s small, light and compact.  The only small downside is that you don’t see what you’re shooting, unless you use your phone as a screen.


GoPro accessories kit: It has everything you need to use your GoPro in all sorts of ways.  Great value for what you get.

Benro tripod: We love this thing.  It helps us shoot in pretty much all conditions, at different heights.  It’s light and portable.

Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch:  Light, powerful, beautiful, you will need one to edit your pictures and give them that extra little umph!

Toshiba 2TB external hard drive:  Because when you take this many pictures, you’ll need the extra storage.  Cloud based storage is great, but you don’t always have a good internet connection.

Aukey battery pack:  This thing is our lifesaver.  Whenever we’re running low on juice (for our camera or our phones), this little guy saves the day.

Next items to add to our arsenal:

DJI Mavic: We have serious drone envy when we see epic drone shots.  If we were to do this again, we would totally splurge and get one of these.  Yes, this will be the first thing we get when we have an income.

GoPro Dome: This takes stunning half underwater/out-of-water shots.

Chefchaouen blue streets wediditourway morocco
Good times getting lost in Chefchaouen, Morocco, and snapping pics along the way

So there you have it!  Our top tips for taking nice couple pics.  Our biggest advice is that no matter what you do, have fun!  Enjoy the process and don’t be scared to grow and learn.  Just enjoy the ride.  Laugh, be silly and stay in love.

We’d love to hear if you have any other tips for taking good couples pictures. Feel free to share them in the comments below.

Note:  The article contains Amazon affiliate links, on which we’ll make a small commission if you end up purchasing a product.  It’s at no extra cost to you.  You pay the same amount as if you visited Amazon directly.  The good thing is you’ll be helping us create free content and keeping this blog online.  For this, we are eternally grateful!

We put a lot of time and effort into the content we create.  Please like, comment and share, every action on your part helps us out tremendously and is very much appreciated.

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