40 pictures to make you fall in love with Vienna

Vienna, Austria’s capital, is a beautiful city. Whether you are looking to enjoy the architecture, the food, the concerts or the people, Vienna has something for everyone. We fell in love and these pictures will show you why.

Vienna, a city where, over 100 years ago, a revolution took place.  Philosophy, physics, music and a culture of art were born here.  It was done with the help of notables such as Schlick, Einstein, Mozart and Egon Schiele.   This UNESCO world-heritage city centre was also the home to the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud.

The famous St-Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, Austria
The famous St-Stephen’s Cathedral

Dubbed the city of music, it is here that we kicked off our epic European train trip.  It set the bar very high for what was to come on our journey through the beautiful old continent that is Europe.  Strolling down the historic streets of Austria’s capital, how could we not fall in love with Vienna?

The National library in Vienna, Austria
The National library

Home to almost 2 million people, Vienna has been voted as one of the top cities to live in year after year.  It boasts some of the most epic castles, museums galore, historic sites, concerts, churches, and the famous Viennese dessert, sachertorte!  Whatever you’re into, you will find it here.

The State Opera House in Vienna, Austria
The State Opera House

The best way to take in this European gem, is by taking a leisurely stroll through the city.  You will be drawn in by the wonderful sights scattered throughout.  Make sure that your camera is handy, as it’s one of the most photogenic cities we’ve been to.

See the fountains in the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria
See the fountains in the Schönbrunn Palace

Getting lost in the maze of streets is a pleasure, to say the least.  Around every corner, there is architectural beauty ready to greet you.  The State Opera House will fill your ears with enchanting music.  Monet’s French impressionist paintings and Picasso’s surrealism will take you back a century at the Albertina museum.  The Riesenrad, a 200-foot plus ferris wheel, will give you a view of the city like no other.

The Karlskirche in Vienna, Austria
The Karlskirche

Then, treat yourself to the opulent beauty of the many Viennese churches.  You will be excused while you pick your jaw up off the floor, as the sheer beauty and design will leave you awe-struck.  Being no strangers to churches, temples and mosques, we were still taken by the sheer beauty we witnessed.  St Stephan’s, St Charles, St Peter’s, the Votive church, the list goes on and on!  These imposing structures are designed with such an overwhelming sense of luxuriousness, that you would think yourself at the Vatican itself.  They are scattered all over the city, making it easy to turn a street corner and come upon one ready to be discovered.

The opulent Dominikaner Kirche in Vienna, Austria
The opulent Dominikaner Kirche

If grand palaces are more your thing, head to the outskirts of the city, where you will discover the sweet serenity that comes from walking the grounds of the Schönbrunn Palace. In yesteryears, it was the summer residence of the Habsburg house (who’s family sigil may remind you of a certain golden-haired ruling family in one of our favourite HBO shows, Game of Thrones).  Today, it can serve as a portal to another time, where you can almost imagine the elite of the past vying for control of the Austrian empire.

Setting up the Christmas tree in front of the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria
The Schönbrunn Palace

As you walk the peaceful grounds you can daydream of the long history of royalty who called this their home.  The fall colours come to life in the rows of trees that lined the grounds.  You can catch perfect reflections on the many fountains, making the setting even more magical.  The crowning piece of the gardens is the Gloriette, where you will gaze out at the view of the city and the castle.

The spectacular Gloriette in Vienna, Austria
The spectacular Gloriette

The few days that we spent in the capital of Austria were grey and gloomy, but this wouldn’t stop us from marvelling in its beauty and its history.  Visiting this gem, it’s easy to imagine how all of these historical figures made names for themselves, given the inspiring nature that Vienna offers.

The winding Danube river in Vienna, Austria
The winding Danube river

Have you ever been to Vienna?  Did you also fall under its charm?

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wediditourway Vienna


Things to do in Vienna: Your ultimate city guide

If you are looking to expolre Vienna, the beautiful capital of Austria, here are our recommendations. Discover what to see, where to go, how to get around, and where to stay.

Vienna.  The beautiful capital of Austria is said to be the “city of dreams”, for being the birthplace of Sigmund Freud.  To us, Vienna was the start of our epic train trip through Europe, and it couldn’t have been a better place to kick things off.

Without surprise, Vienna has often been voted the most livable city in the world, due to its high quality of life ratings, as well as culture, infrastructure, and many markets.  The city is often cited as a leading example of urban planning and we can totally see why.  It was such a lovely city to walk around!

Wediditourway St Stephen's Cathedral Vienna Asutria
We are in awe of the St Stephen’s Cathedral

Although we managed to see everything in 2 days, we would suggest a full 4-day trip to Vienna.  Here are our recommendations for what to see, where to go, how to get around, and where to stay.

When to go

Well, anytime is a great time to visit the city, but it really depends on what you’re looking for.  The summer is probably the nicest weather, and it’s when the locals leave, but the tourists come in.

Wediditourway Schonbrunn Palace garden Vienna Austria
Strolling through the Gardens at the Schönbrunn Palace was one of our favourite things to do in Vienna

During the winter, you are in a Christmas fairytale, with all the markets, lights and snow that make the city look dreamy.  Just make sure you’re there starting in mid-November, if not they’ll be setting everything up and you won’t see a thing.  This is exactly what happened to us!

The fall and spring are fine, there won’t be much going on, and the weather is a little-hit-or-miss.  The main advantage is that there are far fewer tourists.

What to do

There are a 1,000 things to do in Vienna, from the very chic to options for budget travelers, from museums to parks,  palaces and so much more.  Don’t be shy to explore all your options.

Visit the Schönbrunn Palace

This was probably our favourite site in Vienna.  If you like walking through nature and gardens, viewing spectacular statues and monuments, you will love the Schönbrunn Palace.  The Palace started as a mansion for the Roman Emperor Maximilian II, who used the grounds to hunt, back in the 17th century.  Today, it’s our dream home and garden!

Schonbrunn Palace front Vienna Austria
The view from the front entrance of the Schönbrunn Palace

Although you need to pay to enter the summer palace, walking the grounds is free, and they are immense.  We would suggest taking a good hour and a half here to really enjoy nature.  If you want to go in the palace, you will need more time.  It’s a good idea to bring a snack and some water, if you plan on staying as long.

Schonbrunn Palace from the garden Vienna Austria
The view of the Schönbrunn Palace from the Gloriette grounds

This is one of Vienna’s most popular tourist destinations, so be prepared to see large crowds, depending on when you go.  It isn’t so bad in the gardens though, as they are huge.


The Gloriette is a structure located on a 60-metre hill overlooking the Schönbrunn Palace.  It offers the best view of the palace, and of the entire city of Vienna.

Gloriette Vienna Austria
The beautiful Gloriette in Vienna

Not to many people head up this way, so you’ll have tons of photo opportunities here.  It’s also a great place to lie back on the grass, and maybe have a picnic on a nice day.

Hofburg Palace

Welcome to the home of Austrian president, Alexander Van der Bellen.  This palace was built in the 13th century, and has been expanded many times since.  Today, you can walk the grounds freely and visit one of the many expositions at its museums.

Hofburg palace Vienna Austria
Welcome to the stunning Hofburg Palace, home to the President and many museums

You can also walk the gardens, known as the Volksgarten, or the Heldenplatz, another beautiful public space in front of the Hofburg Palace.

Belvedere palace

Unfortunately, we did not have time to visit this 17th century palace.  Did we mention that you need 4 days to take in all the sites in Vienna!  But if you have the time, it is a must.  It resembles the Schönbrunn Palace in the sense that it is set on vast lands with huge gardens and fountains.

Hundertwasser house

This architectural gem is located in the Landstraße district of Vienna.  Unlike any other house in Vienna, it is a colourful masterpiece brought to life by Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and architect Joseph Krawina.

Hundertwasser house Vienna Austria
Breaking through the monotony of grey houses, this is the colourful Hundertwasser house

There is also the museum called the KunstHausWien which is the only permanent exhibition of Hundertwasser’s works.  It’s a few steps away from the apartment complex, but boasts an equally cool design.


Located in Vienna’s 2nd district, the Prater is a officially known as the Wurstelprater amusement park but is best known as being home to the world’s oldest ferris wheel, that was built in 1897.

Prater ferris wheel Vienna Austria
The world’s oldest (and probably scariest) ferris wheel

We didn’t go on the ferris wheel, because to be honest, it looks old as hell!  Anthony Bourdain went on it when he visited Vienna for his “No Reservations” show, and he was slightly freaked out… and nothing freaks Anthony out, so that was a good warning for us!

Wurstelprater amusement park Vienna Austria
The entrance to the famous Prater in Vienna. Christmas markets are getting set up

The park was closed when we got there as it usually takes a break during winter months, so if the plan is to ride the coasters here, make sure it’s open.  However, as you can see, they do set up Christmas markets there in the winter, so try and catch them when they’re open.

Check out a museum or two

We rarely visit museums, especially on this trip considering how little time we had in each city.  But if you have the time and like museums, these are the places to go.


This whole area is home to Vienna’s most prominent museums showcasing everything from modern and contemporary art and architecture, to hosted events in technology and fashion.

Museum quarter Vienna Austria
The entrance to Vienna’s famous MuseumsQuartier


The Albertina is one of the biggest exhibitions showcasing drawings and old master prints, with permanent and temporary exhibits.  From Monet, to Picasso and Warhol, you will get your fix of the fine arts here.

Albertina Vienna Austria
The Albertina Museum, the place to take in the fine arts, ,and get a gorgeous view of the State Opera from the balcony

Visit some of the fabulous churches

There are a ton of churches in Vienna.  Seriously, there’s probably one on every city block!  These are the ones that stood out to us

St Stephen’s Cathedral

This Roman Catholic cathedral, also known by its German name Stephansdom, is home to the Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn.  Located in the Stephansplatz, or the central plaza, it is the most important religious building in Vienna and one of its most recognizable sites in town.

St Stephen's Cathedral Vienna Asutria
No tour of Vienna is complete without stopping at St Stephen’s cathedral

Construction of this church was completed in 1160, but it was reconstructed and expanded until 1511.  Today, it is getting a slight facelift, but you can still get a great view of it, and visit inside as well.  If you want an amazing view of the city, and of the church’s intricate roof, you can climb up the stairs on the South tower or take the lift up to the North Tower, for 8 euros.

St Stephen's Cathedral rooftop view Vienna Austria
The view of St Stephan’s roof and the city of Vienna from the North Tower

St Peter’s Church

Also know as Peterskirche, this is a baroque styled Roman Catholic church.  Dating back to the year 1733, it boasts one of the most spectacular turreted dome ceilings we have ever seen.

Not only is it gorgeous to look at from outside, it’s also quite beautiful inside as well.  Make sure you take a moment to go in and check it out for yourself, everything from the ornate details to the beautiful architecture.


The Vortishkirche is a Neo-Gothic church that was built in 1879.  It was built to thank God for saving the Emperor, Franz Joseph, after an assassination attempt on his life in 1853.

Vortishkirche outside Vienna Austria
Vortishkirche is another one of Vienna’s beautiful churches

Like the St Stephen’s Cathedral, it is also undergoing restoration but you can still go inside, as you should.  What caught our eye about this church was its guided altar, which was constructed with inspiration from Italian gothic churches.


Built in 1737, it was constructed after the great plague and dedicated by the Roman Emperor Charles IV to Saint Charles Borromeo, known as a healer for plague sufferers.

Karlskirche outside Vienna Austria
Make sure you take a look inside Karlskirche, it’s beautiful

Unlike the 3 previous churches, you must pay to enter the Karlskirche, which we decided not to do.  We are kind of kicking ourselves about it though, because we were able to get a glimpse inside, and it did look quite spectacular!

Parliament building

The Austrian Parliament Building has been the seat of the Austrian government since 1883, and underwent a massive reconstruction after World War II after being heavily damaged.  The building’s architectural design is clearly Greek, with white marble columns adorning the front of the entrance.

Parlament building Vienna Austria
The beautiful Austrian Parliament building (photographed while under construction)

Tours inside the parliament are possible, you can even sit in on a National Council sitting.


Vienna’s City Hall, the home of the Viennese local government, was also constructed in 1883.  The mayor of Vienna, Michael Ludwig, lives in this Neo-gothic building.  We would have loved to join him for some coffee and cake, but he was slightly busy.

Rathaus Vienna City Hall Austria
The beautiful Rathaus in Vienna

Like the Parliament building, you can get a guided tour of the City Hall on most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 1pm.  While we were there, they were setting up the Christmas markets, so we did not have a chance to see it in all its glory.

The Wiener Staatsoper

The State Opera House, or Wiener Staatsoper, has shows almost every day of the year.  You can see anything from classical music, to the Opera or a ballet.  When in Vienna, seeing a show here is a must!

State Opera House Wiener Staatsoper Vienna Austria
The beautiful State Opera in Vienna

Apart from that, the building itself is just stunning, from the inside and out.  It really looks like a place that only the aristocracy used to grace, but now-a-days, we can all visit!

Schmetterling Haus

Inside this tropical oasis, you will find over 400 butterflies floating through the exotic setting, full of plants and waterfalls.  It was created to be as close to their natural environment as possible.  Constructed in the beginning of the 20th century, it was a recluse for Emperor Franz Josef and his wife, the Empress Sisi.

Schmetterling Haus butterfly house Vienna Austria
The mesmerizing Schmetterling Haus

But now-a-days we can all wander through this encapsulated wonder and watch the loveliest of insects.  We would have gone in, but one of us is scared of anything that flies… can you guess who?!

Austrian national library

The largest library in Austria, boasting over 12 million items, the Austrian national library is a beautiful site to see.  You can visit it and check out its various museums.  Just make sure you get your tickets online so you skip the line and jump into exploring right away!

National library in Vienna Austria.jpg
The entrance to the Austrian national library

Favourite Vienna Eats


Derek’s top pick was a dish of roasted pork with sauerkraut at Schachtelwirt.  This little hole in the wall restaurant has a limited menu of freshly made delicious meals.  Make sure you get there early enough, because when they’re out of something, they’re out!  Also good to know is that they have one vegetarian meal available, which was also delicious.


This restaurant was recommended by our hotel, and they were right.  If you want typical Austrian meals prepared right, this is the place.  Carine’s favourite meal here was the dumpling trio (beet, spinach and mushrooms). Each one was delicious in its own way.  Derek also loved the schnitzel here, served with a sweet jam. His new favourite combo!

Hemmers vegetarian dumpling trio
Dumplings at Hemmers

Café Sacher

You just cannot come to Vienna and not try some of the local pastries.  When it comes to the best of the best, you must try the the famous sachertorte at Café Sacher.  As the name indicates it, this is the home to the original sachertorte.  We had it and it was just so rich and chocolaty.  We also tried the apple strudel and it may have been even more delicious than the torte, but it depends who you ask!

Cafe Sachel Original Torte Vienna Austria
No trip to Vienna is complete without the world famous sachertorte

Side note, apparently having gelato in Vienna is a must as well.  We didn’t try any, because it was cold, but we believe the hype!  So if the weather permits, and the mood is right, treat yo’self to some yummy gelato.

Where to stay

Our favourite place to stay in Vienna is the Ruby Sofie Hotel Vienna.  Conveniently located near the Landstraße subway, right as you get off the CAT, it’s so close to everything you want to visit, whether its Vienna’s famous landmarks or the business district, if you’re here for work.


We throughly enjoyed their brand of lean luxury.  They focus on making the important things count, while doing away with anything superficial.  The rooms are the perfect size, and have the coolest shower we have ever seen.  They also come with a complimentary smartphone, with data, so you can roam the city freely, without worrying about getting lost.  The best feature is the super comfy and big bed (which is a must when you travel with a gentle giant like Derek).  It was so comfy that we barely wanted to get up in the morning.

Ruby Sophie Hotel lobby Vienna Austria
Great place to chill out

Luckily, they serve a delicious breakfast in the main lounge.  With locally sourced and organic ingredients, this amazing buffet was the perfect way to start our days of exploration.  The main lounge is also where you can grab a drink for happy hour (hosted daily) and catch some live music on certain dates.

Ruby Sophie Hotel bar Vienna Austria
Also a great place to grab a drink!

All in all, we loved our stay at Ruby Sofie Hotel Vienna.  This design hotel has everything you need to have an amazing time in Vienna.  And if this guide wasn’t helpful enough, just ask the staff there to help you.  They are super friendly and awesome with local tips and recommendations!

How to get there

From the airport to the city

When you land at the Vienna International Airport (VIE), the fastest way into the city centre is to take the city airport train, or CAT.  It takes 15 minutes to get you there, and will cost you 12€ (which is a little pricey, but can be convenient).  It will take you straight to Wien Mitte where you can grab another subway connection.  The tickets for the CAT are sold at ticket machine by the luggage claim, or at the entrance of the CAT platform.  Make sure you get yours because they do check them on board.

CAT airport train Vienna Austria
Want to get to the Vienna city centre quickly from the airport? Jump on the CAT


Alternatively, you can get to the Vienna city centre by taking a local OBB train.  This option is still convenient, and is less expensive than the CAT.

There are a few train stations in Vienna, such as Wien Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof and Wien Meidling.  If you are headed anywhere else in Europe after your stay in Vienna, we highly suggest taking the train.  There are plenty of routes, and your choice of destinations are limitless.

Not only is it convenient, and cheaper than flying, the environmental impact is much lower too.

Extra travel tips

Depending on what you are looking to do, you may want to get the Vienna City Card.  If you want to go to museums, take the Hop On/Hop off bus, or check out some of the city’s paying attractions, this is the card for you.  It will offer you discounts or free entry to what you want to do.  It also includes free use of the public transportation system.

If you plan on moving around a lot, but without visiting the many sights in the city, you can opt for a 24, 48 or 72-hour pass for the public transport.  You can either buy your tickets at a stand (make sure you validate them before you take the subway, or directly on buses and trams.  You can also buy your passes online.

Wediditourway Gloriette Vienna Austria
The gloriette near the Schönbrunn Palace is an awesome place to relax and have a picnic

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting Vienna for the 2 days we had.  With such a rich history, and beautiful areas to visit in and around town, we must have walked 10 miles a day.  Like we mentioned, if you have the time, take at least 4 or 5 days here.  It will give you enough time to visit museums, take in some shows and explore the city at a leisurely pace.

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Vienna, the beautiful capital of Austria has tons to offer visitors. here are our top recommendations of what to do, where to stay, what to eat and where to go to have the best time in Vienna.


The best Greek islands to visit as a couple

Greece is a beautiful and romantic place to visit as a couple, but with so many islands, it’s hard to pick. These 3 islands stole our hearts and were the perfect 2-week couple’s getaway.

Greece is undoubtably one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  Just imagine what a country made up of mountainous islands sitting in the Mediterranean and sprinkled with white homes and colourful bougainvillea looks like.  Heaven, that’s what!  Greece is probably one of the most romantic and perfect places to visit as a couple.  Whether it’s for your honeymoon or just as a couple’s getaway, make sure you check out these Greek islands.

Bougainvillea tree Paros Greece
Carine’s favourite tree in Paros Greece, the bougainvillea tree

We visited these 4 places on a 2-week trip and had enough time to enjoy each of the islands and everything they had to offer.  Ultimately, your trip to Greece will probably start or end in Athens so we’ve included our recommendations for that beautiful ancient city too.

Best times to go

Greece becomes a tourist hotbed in the summer months.  May to August are the busiest.  This is usually because most Greeks from around the world head back to their motherland for vacation.

Wediditourway Paros Greece
Watching a romantic sunset in Paros, Greece

We found the best months to go are during the shoulder seasons, in April, September and October.  That’s when you’ll likely find cheaper accommodations, and less tourists around.

We were in Greece in early September, and found that it was still fairly busy.  If you want to be sure to have a more secluded getaway, the end of the month is probably better.

Getting around

We flew into Santorini and out of Athens.  To get between the islands, we simply hopped on a ferry that took between 2-5 hours to get from one island to the next.  We booked our ferry tickets the day before and had no problem with availabilities.  Obviously, if you’re going around during a busier period of the year, you may want to book ahead of time.

You can book your tickets at a travel agent’s office or online.  We found tickets were usually quite cheaper through a travel agent than online.  These little booths and offices are all over the centre of any island.  We took the Blue Star ferries and had a great ride each time.  Though we warn you, be patient with the boarding and disembarking processes.  They are somewhat chaotic!


This is what Greek postcard dreams are made of.  Santorini is one of the most photographed islands in Greece.  Everyone gushes over the sunsets in Oia, the views of the caldera and the cool beaches (we’re looking at you Red beach).

Oia Santorini Greece from above
A spectacular view of Oia in Santorini, Greece

Santorini will probably be the most expensive and the most touristic of the Greek islands you’ll visit.  It’s still worth it!  It’s super romantic and there are tons to see and do… you can also do nothing and just chill at your hotel or on a beach.  For more details about it, you can check out our full blog on Santorini.

We had 2 nights on Santorini, but 1.5 full days as our flight came in past midnight.  We could have used an extra night here to explore more beaches and do both of the day-hikes.  We only had the chance to do the one from Fira to Oia.


Paros is the cutest little island in Greece, and one of the most popular of the Cyclades.  It’s at the heart of the Aegean Sea, and perfect for romantic getaways.  You’ll probably get here through Parikia, which is where the port is.  A pretty good bus system will help you get around from one place to the next.  We recommend staying in Naoussa, where you have tons of hotels, restaurants and beaches.

Paros Island Greece
The beautiful white buildings of Paros, Greece

Things to do in Paros

Staying in Naoussa, you are well-located enough to easily see and do what you want.  We didn’t rent a car or scooter here, though most people do.  We found using the bus was convenient (and eco-friendly) enough for us.

We stayed on Paros for 4 nights, but you can easily do 3 nights at a leisurely pace.  It’s a small island, and can easily be explored without rushing.

Enjoy Naoussa

There are tons of delicious restaurants and boutiques all around Naoussa.  We would recommend taking an afternoon to walk around and check out all the little alleys.  While you’re going around, make sure you stop by the Venetian castle and explore it.

Paros Venecian castle Greece
The 15th century Venetian Castle of Paros, Greece

When the sun sets, head out to find some delicious food.  Our favourite restaurants on this island were:

  • Konstantza Cafe:  A great little spot for breakfast.  You can have one of the delicious and affordable set breakfast menus.  We loved the Greek omelette here.  We warn you, we love feta, so you’ll see a reoccurring theme here!
  • Soso:  A wonderful tapas restaurant.  There salad tester is out of this world, as well as their vegetarian quiche with feta and grilled veggies.
  • Allas:  This was Derek’s favourite spot.  He would have eaten here all day, every day.  He loved the chicken souvlaki.  Make sure you try the Naxos cheese rolls, the fries and the layered salad with tomatoes, cheese and bread.  Yum!
  • Minoa:  A classical Greek restaurant, set in a beautiful patio.  You can’t go wrong here.  Derek had the moussaka and I had the imam bayildi.  We shared the tsatsiki and fried zucchini.  Everything was super delish!


There is a cute little beach right in Naoussa called Piperi beach.  It’s not anything crazy, there are a few parasols, a restaurant and hotels there, but what we loved about it was that it was quiet, and had shade… free shade!  You’ll notice that most beaches will charge you 10-15 euros for a parasol and some lounge chairs.  Most of the time, the parasol will not even provide enough shade, so we would recommend skipping them!  Piperi is easy to get to, with clear and calm water, so it was our #1 choice on the island.

Piperi beach Paros Greece
Our favourite place to get a tan, Piperi beach in Paros, Greece

From Naoussa, you can hop on a ferry that will take you across the bay to Kolymbithres beach.  The water is crystal clear here, but the sand space is limited and covered with parasols.  There also not much shade available and it does tend to get crowded.  If you head here, we would recommend you go in the morning.  One really cool thing about this beach were the funky rock formations that are all around the coast.

Other beaches to check out are Monastiri beach, Santa Maria, Chrissi Akti (or Golden Beach).  They are accessible by local ferry or by bus.


Lefkes is in the middle of the island, high up on the mountains of Paros, and was the first capital of Paros.  Today, it’s a pretty popular spot because it’s so so cute!  You can walk around the narrow streets, admire the old washhouses, the adorable homes with bougainvillea and take in the gorgeous view of the sea and Naxos.  You just need 1-2 hours to take it all in, unless you really want to take your time.

Lefkes Paros Greece
The old village of Lefkes in Paros, Greece

There are churches and museums to visit in Lefkes, cute little boutiques and restaurants all around.  You can just walk around like we did.  We recommend putting down your GPS and getting lost in the beauty of this village.  Try going early in the morning, or toward the evening, because it get pretty hot up there.


Antiparos is just a short ferry ride from Paros.  A cute little island you can visit on a day trip.  We didn’t have a chance to do it, but next time we come to Paros, we’ll be there!


A short ferry ride from Paros will take you to Naxos.  Another cute Greek island worth exploring.  It’s actually the biggest and the greenest island in the Cyclades, and you know how much we love green space!  It is a naturally stunning island with high mountains, lush green gorges and valleys, and beautiful traditional villages on mountain tops.  Your entrance into Chora port Naxos will be something spectacular for sure!

Naxos sunset Greece
Every night in Naxos, we were treated to breathtaking sunsets

Things to do

We stayed on Naxos for 4 days, 4 nights, in Chora, and it was the perfect amount of time to explore, lounge around and take in the sights.

Apollo Temple

As you enter the port of Chora on Naxos, your eyes will naturally be drawn to this gorgeous and mysterious structure on the little islet.  This is the impressive marble gate of the temple of Apollo.  It stands in the spot, on Palatia islet, as it did since the 6th century BC.

Apollo Temple Naxos Greece
A must do, catching a sunset through the Apollo Temple’s Portara, in Naxos, Greece

The Apollo Temple is beautiful to visit at any time of the day, but we recommend going at sunset.  It will be pretty busy (most tour buses will be gone though) and you can try to watch the sun set through the structure.  Just be warned that most people will be standing there trying to get the same shot.  Our advice is take in the beauty of the sun through there, and then watch the sun set on the cliff side where there will be less people.

Sailing day

If you want to explore some less-known islands and beaches in and around Naxos, a sailing day is what you need.  But beware, as not all sailing companies are made equally.  That’s why we highly recommend touring with Xanemo Sailing.  With only 10 people on board, delicious food, stunning views, and the best hosts, you can’t go wrong.

Xanemo sailing boat sunflare Naxos Greece
Our best time in Naxos was aboard Naxos Sailing!

Most sail boats around Naxos will take you to Koufonisia, an over-touristy island.  Xanemo will likely take you to Iraklia, Schoinousa and Aliko beach, on Naxos, right by the protected cedar forest.  You may spot a turtle, or some dolphins, so make sure to bring a camera.  It is a perfect way to spend a day on the ocean!


After experiencing the beautiful beaches of Australia, we know we can’t find better.  We’ve stopped being beach snobs, and just enjoy being by the water.  Since we were staying in Chora, we were happy to be a 5-min walk away from St. George beach.  With calm, crystal clear waters, and smooth sand, it did the trick for us.

St-George beach Naxos Greece
Take a refreshing dip at St. George beach in Naxos, Greece

If you want to check out other beaches, Plaka beach, Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna beaches came highly recommended by locals.

Old town

Walking around and getting lost in the Old town of Chora is probably the best way to explore.  You will stumble upon tons of restaurants and bars.  You’ll “accidentally” walk into the cutest boutiques and shops.  You may even discover a medieval castle along the way.  The narrow streets in the mountain are the perfect setting for your afternoon adventure in the Old town of Chora.

Wediditourway Old town Naxoes Greece
Endless photo opportunities around every corner in the old town of Naxos, Greece

Eat to your heart’s content

Did you think we were going to a new island and we weren’t going to eat everything in sight?  It’s like you don’t even know us!  Luckily, there are tons of vegetarian options available on Naxos, and they’re all delicious.

  • To Elliniko:  This cute little restaurant has a beautiful garden where you can eat.  Set up under the garden lights, you will have a delicious, affordably-priced meal, in a magical setting.  We loved their zucchini croquettes with tsatziki, their stuffed red peppers, fried Naxos cheese and… everything we had!  There may be a line-up so reserve ahead of time.
  • Scirocco:  Situated in the roundabout in Chora, this restaurant is just awesome.  The waiter was actually pleasant (which is sometimes hard to find in Greece), the food was delicious and the beers were cheap!  We loved their fried Naxos cheese with honey and sesame seeds.
  • To Souvlaki tou MakiAnother spot Derek would have loved to eat at every day.  This cheap eats spot is actually just delicious!  As the name says, it’s all about souvlaki.  Their vegetarian one is out of this world!
  • Loukoumades:  You need to come here if you want to have the best loukoumades on Naxos.  The owner is super sweet, almost as sweet as his fried balls of dough! We tried the ones with chocolate and with cinnamon.. Both delish!
  • Anna’s Organic Shop and Garden cafe:  The service may be slow, but this cafe is cute and it’s always nice to find organic options.  Anna makes her jams at home, and they are delicious.  A great little spot for breakfast!


Your trip to Greece will either start or end in Athens because of major flights coming in and it of here.  We know it’s not an island, but it is beautiful and romantic, especially if you’re a history buff like Derek.

Acropolis at night Athens Greece 2
A view of the world famous Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Things to do

We spend 2 days & 2 nights here, and it was more than enough time to see and do everything.  We stayed in Koukaki, and it was a great spot, near all the bars and restaurants, and walking distance to the main Acropolis sites.

Step back in time at the historical monuments

There are a ton of historical monuments all around Athens for you to explore.  You can get your multi-tickets to the 6 major monuments at any one of them.  This ticket will set you back €30, but the sites are well-worth it.  Make sure you buy them at one of the lesser-visited sites like Hadrian’s Library or Temple of Olympian Zeus.

The tickets will allow you to visit all the sites once, over the next 5 consecutive days.  You can also get the €20 ticket for the main Acropolis site, if you want to only visit those temples.

The sites included in your multi-ticket are the Acropolis (the Parthenon and the Erechtheion) with its North and South Slopes.  You also get access to Hadrian’s Library, the Roman Agora, the Archaeological Site of Lykeion, and the Ancient Agora.  The Acropolis museum isn’t included, but the museums in the Ancient Agora and the Kerameikos cemetery are.

Travel tip:  The Acropolis is the most crowded of the Ancient sites.  To visit it, either go at opening, at 8am, or before closing, at 7pm.  Just make sure you get your tickets the day before at one of the less popular sites.  Also note that the hours of operation here are the summer hours.  They change in the winter.

Watch a sunset

The best spot we found to watch the sunset is on Mouseion Hill (or Muse Hill, or Lofos Muson), right by the Philopappos Monument.  From there, you can see the sun set over the city, and you get a beautiful view of the Acropolis.  The sun sets opposite the Acropolis, but the lightning is just magical.

Wediditourway Athens Greece
Watching the sunset over Athens, on Muses Hill in Greece

Explore the old town

Plaka is the oldest section of Athens and a beautiful part to visit.  The main streets are pedestrian, closed to traffic.  Still be sure to watch around because you have the odd speeding motorcycle or delivery truck coming through.

Plaka district Athens Greece
Sightseeing in Athens is not complete without taking a stroll though the Plaka district

The streets of Plaka are lines with boutiques, souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes.  It’s really a great place to sit around, people-watch and take in the beauty of this ancient city.


We loved all the restaurants we tried in Athens.  All the delicious food we had, at fairly affordable prices blew our minds.  Here are our 2 favourites:

  • Kalamaki bar:  This little restaurant is close to the action, and the food is delish!  We loved every single thing we had, from the greek salad to the souvlaki, the fries to the drinks.  Everything was amazing!
  • Riza Riza:  Right next to Kalamki, Riza Riza was a hit.  Their drinks were so good, the portions were large and filling, and the atmosphere was so much fun.  Affordable and delicious, just like we like it!

There you have it, the perfect 2-week itinerary for your romantic Greece getaway.  These islands can be fun, relaxing, romantic and the most beautiful experience yet.  Don’t forget to take some time to enjoy the moment, enjoy your surroundings and each other’s company!

Wediditourway Santorini Greece
Picturesque Santorini. The cutest little chapel in Greece

Have you been to any of these or any other Greek islands?  Which ones are your favourites for a couple’s getaway?

We put a lot of time and effort into the content we create.  Please like, comment and share, every action on your part helps us out tremendously and is very much appreciated.

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The best Greek Islands to visit as a couple. What to do, where to stay, where to eat and all our tips to visit 3 beautiful and romantic Greek islands, and Athens.   www.wediditourway.com

1 year of traveling: our best adventure yet

After one year of traveling full-time as a couple, we wanted to take a minute to share the moments that made this trip memorable for us.

We said it after the 6-month mark, and we’ll say it again.  Time flies when you’re having fun!  After one year of traveling full-time as a couple, we can tell you that this is the most fun we’ve had ever.  So we wanted to take a little moment and go over the little and big moments that made this trip memorable for us.

We picked out the best highlights from each country we visited.  We never planned the whole list of countries we wanted to visit.  As each month passed, we modified our list a little.  Some countries were musts and we actually made it there.  Others, we had to drop because of timing or visas or surprise visits from friends and family.

In either case, each country we visited taught us something new about its culture, its people and ourselves.

Surprising nature days in Korea

wediditourway Nami Island South Korea
An afternoon stroll on the magical Nami Island, South Korea

Yeah, you probably weren’t expecting that from Korea, but this country is home to crazy beautiful waterfalls, hikes, beaches and mountains.  We actually went to Korea without many expectations, and we were blown away!

On Jeju Island, we chased waterfalls and hiked up Korea’s highest peak, Mount Hallasan.  In Busan, we chilled on the nicest beaches.  In Andong, we watched barrels of hay on fire get thrown down cliffs.  Sure, Seoul was amazing with its temples and skyscrapers, but Korea’s nature is what we will always remember.

High-speed travel in Japan

Japan was a whirlwind, we visited something like 18 cities in 21 days.  This was largely possible thanks to their awesome high speed trains, called Shinkansens.

wediditourway Tokyo Japan
Taking a stroll in the park near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan

We were like total children every single time we had the honour of taking the Shinkansen.  This high-speed train connects all major cities in Japan to each other.  It’s the fastest and easiest way to get around.

To be honest, it is the coolest thing ever!  Seats that rotate, comfy chairs, enough leg-room for our friendly giant Derek, clean wagons, and such punctual drivers.  Seriously, what more could you ask for?

Discovering beach life in Australia

Beach life is two-part for us when it comes to Australia.  First, there are the actual beaches of Australia.  Then, there is the underwater world that we finally got to explore.

To us, Australia has the most beautiful beaches we’ve ever been on.  We spent a large percentage of our 8-9 weeks in the land down under working on our tan.  We would jump in the water, battle the mega waves and just chill by the water!

Wediditourway near Bondi beach Sydney Australia
Hanging out near Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia

From the shores of Airlie beach, to the WhitSundays, down through Mooloolaba and Maroochydore, without forgetting the famous Bondi beach in Sydney, and the colourful beach house lined sandy playgrounds of Melbourne.  If you’re a water-baby, Australia is the place for you.  It sure might be the place for us!

Beyond its beaches, we also go a glimpse of the underwater world in Australia.  We had the privilege of discovering the biggest coral reef system in the world.  The Great Barrier Reef spans almost half a billion square kilometres, teaming with life, beauty, and mystery.

The corals weren’t in their best shape, as half of this living organism has died since 2016.  It’s such a shame… but there are steps to be taken that can bring this marvel back to life, things that we strive to do every day of our lives.

We are so grateful that we were able to visit the GBR and still had a great time.  There was still a vast amount of marine life.  Carine saw a turtle, something Derek has been snakebitten towards (he’s never seen one).  We even swam right up to some reef sharks, which sounded a lot scarier than it really was.

Driving a campervan in New Zealand

Roadtrips have always been one of our favourite things to do.  So it’s no surprise that our journey through New Zealand was another of the major highlights of our trip.  Having the freedom to explore this beautiful country on four wheels was amazing.  Going where we wanted, when we wanted, and seeing the beautiful landscape that New Zealand has to offer around each and every corner.

Wediditourway Roy's peak Wanaka New Zealand
Looking out at beautiful Wanaka from Roy’s peak, New Zealand

Add to this the relaxation of packing it in for the evening and meeting new people at campgrounds across this marvellous country.  Sitting by a camp fire with a beer or two in hand and sharing our experiences with new people every night was great.

And the stars… the indescribable stars.  You have to see them to believe.  Never have we been so enthralled by balls of gas burning light years away.

Scuba diving in Thailand

One of the great things about this trip is that we learned a new skill together.  We found an activity we are passionate about and can do all around the world.

Wediditourway Railey beach Ao Nang Thailand
We couldn’t be happier than being here at Railey beach in Ao Nang, Thailand

Scuba diving has been one of our favourite things to do on this trip.  We got bitten by the scuba bug in Thailand.  It helps that we saw a whale shark and got to swim naturally with one right before our last dive to get certified.

Beyond learning a new skill together, scuba diving has taught us some great life lessons.  Mainly that in many moments in life, you can just disconnect and focus on the now.  When we scuba, all we need to do is appreciate our surroundings and focus on our breathing.  This is something we can all do when life gets overwhelming.

Discovering technology and culture in Singapore

Singapore is such a unique place in Asia.  It has all the craziness of South East Asia, but it has the refinement and technology like nowhere else on earth.

Wediditourway Supertree groove Singapore
Wow, these SuperTrees in Singapore are just amazing

On one end of the spectrum, you have your typical hawker centres, where you can taste foods from the four main cultures in Singapore (Malay, Indian, Chinese and Western) for pennies.  On the other end, you have the marvels around the Marina Bay Sands, with the SuperTrees, the FlowerDome and the Cloud Forest.

With so much to do and see, Singapore was one of our favourite places in South East Asia.  Best of all, it was actually more affordable than we expected, so it was a double-win for us!

Small town living in Vietnam

Vietnam has so much history to share, and the major cities have a very real hustle and bustle vibe to them.  If you are trying to cross the street in either Ho Chi Min or Hanoi, well… good luck!

Wediditourway Ho Hoan Kiem Hanoi Vietnam
Walking around the old town of Hanoi, Vietnam

But what really stuck out to us during our time in Vietnam was the quaint city of Hoi An.  After being on the go for much of the 5 months that lead up this country, we finally stayed put for more than a week in this charming UNESCO World Heritage site.

We made some great friends here, notably our favorite Coloradans, Bre and Daniel, also known as The Love & Adventure.  Though we only briefly met them in Hoi An, we would meet them many more times throughout our time on the road.

Zen vibes in Cambodia

wedidiitourway Angkor Wat Cambodia.jpg
Stepping back in time at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia was the epitome of zen for us.  Sure, the Angkor Wat temples are completely insane and sometimes get crowded.  But to be able to walk around these century-old sacred places was just magical.  There are always little nooks where you can find total zen in the chaos.

This is something we learned from our first yoga retreat at Angkor Zen Gardens.  For 4 days, we stayed in a hut, ate delicious vegetarian food and practiced yoga for 4 hours a day.  Basically, we disconnected from the world to better connect with ourselves.  This was the ultimate zen time.

Scooter life in Malaysia

After experiencing scooter-insanity in Vietnam and Thailand, we were happy that our first South East Asia scooter-riding experience was in Langkawi.  For 1 month, we stayed put on a beautiful island to do our Workaway.  This was the first time we had access to a scooter, and needless to say, we took full advantage of it.

Wediditourway Langkawi Malaysia
Discovering Langkawi was awesome with our scooter!

Scooter life in Langkawi was the ultimate freedom.  We explored every inch of the beautiful island.  We hopped on and off at every cool spot and just whizzed around this place we called home for 4 weeks.

A traditional Filippino wedding in the Philippines

The Philippines were exciting for two reasons, both of which were that we met up with friends of ours!

Bohol cliff jump Philippines
Peaking down before taking the plunge in Bohol, Philippines

First was Derek’s best friend Shawn, who flew into the Philippines for his father’s wedding.  We actually first met up with Shawn in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.  Shawn isn’t exactly a travel type, so the fact that we met up with him halfway across the globe was very exciting.

We got to stay in the small town of Tanjay city, where we were literally the only tourists.  Staying with Shawn’s future step-mother Laura, we were able to get the real Filippino vibe.

After being a part of a traditional Filippino wedding, we then moved to Bohol, and were reunited with our friends Bre and Daniel!  We spent a good two weeks hanging out with them by the sandy shores of Panglao island, working on the blog and enjoying island life.

Food with a great view in Spain

We only had a short time in Spain, but it was a memorable week.  Needless to say that the food and wine were delicious.  If you’ve never had tapas, you need to.  As they say, sharing is caring, and this is what Tapas Life is all about.

Wediditourway Science centre Valencia Spain
Having a little fun at the science centre in Valencia, Spain

The beaches also took our breath away, whether in Barcelona, Valencia or Málaga.  After days exploring the cities, the beach breaks helped us cool down and disconnect from the city hustle.

But there’s one thing that stood out to us more than anything and that was the stunning architecture in these 3 cities.  From the famous Gaudí structures in Barcelona, to the bay windows, to the modern City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, each city had beautiful architecture.

Sleeping under the stars of the Sahara Desert in Morocco

Being two Canadians that have become accustomed to harsh, cold winters, the Sahara desert was the polar opposite of what we are used to.

Wediditourway Hassan II mosque Casablanca Morocco
We were blown away by the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca, Morocco

Going to the desert was a no-brainer when we decided to visit Morocco.  Derek rode a camel, we slept under the stars (a nights sky that almost rivals the New Zealand sky), we frolicked in the sand dunes, and visited Berber tribes living out in some of the world’s harshest conditions.

To say it was hot, well that is obvious.  But we certainly were blown away by 50°C heat and just how much water you need to drink to stay hydrated while there.

Another surprise, the desert has an abundance of water!  We always thought that there was no water in the desert, but in reality that sand dunes of the desert could not be possible without a vast amount of subterranean water.

Country life in France

Imagine being surrounded by the rolling hills in Southern France.  Fields of vines ripening in the hot sun.  Sunflowers as far as the eye can see.  Beautiful century-old churches at the centre of every picturesque town.  Not to mention eating delicious local foods from the weekly markets and drinking wine from the neighbours vineyards.

Wediditourway Gaillac vineyard France
We are just going to go get a glass of wine, and maybe some cheese!  Gaillac, France

Our time in France is what you expect every French dream is made of. We will fondly remember this time as the month we had too much to eat and drink, and that we worked insanely hard on the blog.  Basically, it was the perfect mix of chilling and work.

Island hopping in Greece

After spending nearly three months with friends and family, we got a nice 2 weeks of going back to just being the two of us!

Wediditourway Naxos Greece
The Greek island of Naxos is just perfect!

We went from Santorini, to Paros, to Naxos, and finally finished our trip of Greece in Athens.

Our time in Santorini gave us beautiful sunsets.  In Paros we spent as much time as we could at the beach.  We discovered the Aegean sea in Naxos, while sailing with Xanemo Sailing.  And Athens gave us all of the sightseeing we could stuff into the two days we spent there.

All in all Greece was amazing, highlighted by the copious amounts of food we ate!

Getting local in Armenia

Since the day we met, Armenia has been on our bucketlist.  Carine is of Armenian descent, so you can guess why it was on our list.  If you know any Armenians, you know how proud they are of their heritage and their country.  It was also an opportunity for her family to finally come see us, after a full year of traveling.  Can you believe that most of them had never been to their homeland?

Wediditourway Republic Squarte Yerevan Armenia
Chilling at Republic Square in Yerevan, Armenia

From the delicious food, to the beautiful landscape, the warm and generous people to the impressive history of the country, Armenia is a mix of everything we’ve seen so far… well, except the beaches.  A hiker’s paradise, a foodie’s dream come true, a historian’s heaven, a mix of European flair, amazing traditions, low cost of living and comfy standards.

As we’re writing this, we still have a good 3 weeks left here, and so much more to explore. Armenia is probably the best place we could have celebrated our 1-year on the road, mainly because there are always celebrations going on here.

This year was a great reminder for us.  We learned the importance of living in the now, of enjoying every moment we have together.  It also reminded us of how lucky we are to be able to chase our dreams, as we’ve seen so many people just struggling to survive.  It showed us how beautiful our planet is and how important it is to take care of it.

floating through life and enjoying the ocean
A year of floating through life, carefree as can be. Bohol, Philippines

This trip is one of many more we’ll take to explore every corner of this earth.  We’re excited to head back home soon (we do miss our friends and fam), but we’re even more excited to head back out.

Have you ever been on a long-term trip? Tell us about it in the comments, we’re ready for more inspiration!

We put a lot of time and effort into the content we create.  Please like, comment and share, every action on your part helps us out tremendously and is very much appreciated.

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The highlights from our 13 months on the road. The amazing experiences we've had after 1 year of traveling. This is our best adventure yet. www.wediditourway.com

The best advice to start your travel Instagram account

Starting a travel Instagram account can be hard. We asked our favourite Instagram couples for their best advice to start your own travel account.

Off you go!  You’re setting out to travel the world and you want to showcase your experiences on Instagram.  But as you scroll through your feed, you realize, you’re not the only one.  So many others are out there creating beautiful content and sharing their trips with the world.  Don’t worry!  There is room for everyone on this platform.  That’s why we asked our favourite Instagram couples to share their best advice with those who want to set out, explore the world and create a beautiful Instagram feed.



Who they are:  We’re Alizée and Jordan, a young couple in love with travelling.  It’s been 11 months since we started discovering the most beautiful places in the world.  We do this to inspire people to chase their dreams.

Why we love them:  We love their whimsical editing style, and how throughout their journey, they’ve stayed hidden.  Although we’ve never seen their face, they look like such lovely people.  We love this French couple and their feed.  They make us feel like we could be in those magical places ourselves.

Their advice:  Love what you do.  And don’t start your account with the idea that you’ll get 100,000 followers.  Be authentic and unique.  Don’t do what everyone else is doing.

Where to follow them:  You can find their stunning pictures on Instagram or follow their advice on their blog.


Charlie and Lauren from @wanderersandwarriors

Who they are:  We’re Charlie & Lauren, a free spirited couple on the run originally from the UK.  We combine our sense of humour, love of travel and passion for life to explore the world.

Why we love them:  They were one of the first couples we started following.  They’re always smiling and happy and their light comes through in all their shots.  We even had the chance of meeting them in Singapore, and they are just super sweet!  They’ve been one of our inspirations from the get-go.

How long they’ve been travelling together:  We’ve been full-time travelling together for 16 months now.

Their advice:  Always make sure you show the real you and document your travels for how they really are.  Have fun and let the pictures come naturally… don’t force the Instagram life!  And always stay true to yourself!

Where to follow them:  See them travel the world on Instagram (and make sure to watch their stories) or check out their amazing blog for the best tips… especially if you’re heading to Bali.



Who they are:  We’re Estelle and William, a 24 and 25 year-old French couple who decided to go around the world indefinitely since January 2018.  

We decided to share our adventures on Instagram for several reasons, the first was the willingness to share our day-to-day adventures with our friends and family.  Then, we are passionate about photography, so the network seemed to be the most appropriate.  Finally, because the feed allows us to have a permanent “photo album” of our travels and we really like that. 

Why we love them:  Not only are these two vegetarians, but they have a raw and unedited style of travelling.  Their dry French sense of humour got us hooked, and they keep spoiling us with some of the most beautiful and untouched places we’ve ever seen.

How long they’ve been travelling together:  We’ve been on the road for the last 10 months.  At the moment we’re focusing on Asia, Southern Africa and a work-travel visa in Australia for the following year.  Our next step will surely be the Pan-American Highway!!

Their advice:  If we had 3 tips to give to those who would like to embark on the Instagram adventure it would be the following: Post quality photos that appeal to you first, and not for the sole purpose of pleasing the community. 

Don’t hide some parts of reality.  Even if it’s not always glamorous, be honest and true.  This is important to us to create a real connection with others. 

Do not be fooled by or get sucked into the Instagram machine.  Do not be tempted to buy likes, followers or other things like that.  Instagram is too unpredictable for you to lose your legitimacy!

Where to follow them:  They have a beautiful feed on Instagram, and for amazing tips on where to go to be the only traveller, check out their blog, en Français, bien sûr!



Who they are:  We’re Patricia & Miguel, a passionate couple who quit our jobs to travel the world and chase every bit of sunshine.  Our mission is to inspire people to live consciously and work on their self-development, travel the world to engage with communities, find home on earth and promote change.

Why we love them:  They have a way of transporting us to the most beautiful places, and their captions always hit home.  They are two beautiful souls, and their light shines so bright!

How long they’ve been travelling together:  We’ve been traveling together for about 2 years.  It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives.

Their advice:  Choose a name like you would a brand. You want people to remember you so make it personal and appealing. We played a game where we wrote some words down on paper, related to adjectives that characterized our beings, as well as names or expressions that described our passions.

Have a mission, because it is even more common now to have a couple account.  If you want to stand out, you must have a mission, so make sure you write down what your goals are with your account, so you can focus on the message you will deliver with your photos and captions.

And always be yourself.  This is the most important thing in the social media world.  If you want to engage with people and have them trust your influence on them, you must be real all the time, transparent and never copy other’s lifestyle.  Remember, we are all unique and true beauty relies not only on being the best version of yourself, but the real one.

Where to follow them:  Together, they created Freeoversea, an online destination (Instagram and a blog) where they share stories, travels and promote an ethical lifestyle, focusing on sustainability and conscious living. 



Who they are:  We are Bram and Manon from Flip Flop Wanderers.  We met each other in 2010 and we had our first big trip together pretty soon after!

Why we love them:  They are one of the sweetest people out there!  Plus, they pimped out their own campervan and have been travelling through New Zealand for so long.  Because we loved it there so much, we love reliving the beautiful places through their feed!

How long they’ve been travelling together:  Currently, we are on our 2nd world trip which started almost 2 years ago already.  We are not planning on stopping soon either, there is still so much we want to explore!  We like to travel ‘slow’ and discover what a destination really has to offer and experience the country.

Their advice:  When you start with an Instagram account, aiming to be an influencer, it is important to think about what kind of niche you want to focus on.  This can be as simple as your own travelling style.  Think about a name that suits this niche, and make sure it isn’t taken yet.  Using a lot of underscores, numbers or dots might make the name look like a cheap rip off from an existing one, so you want to avoid that.

In our opinion, the thing that really makes a good Instagram account is content.  It’s important to make great photos, look at composition and lighting.  Try to avoid selfies and crooked photos.  It’s not impossible to grow without the best content, and of course, it’s a learning process, but if you’re planning to stay for the long haul, content is king!

Where to follow them: You can tag along their roadtrip on Instagram, or check out their amazing blog.



Who they are:  Our Taste For Life documents the story of Charlotte & Natalie – A British lesbian couple chasing our dreams around the world on a shoe-string budget.  We share a passion for adventure, writing & photography and spend majority of our time bickering over what our next meal will be.  We have recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary of being on the road, and have no intentions of stopping any time soon.

You will currently find us gallivanting our way through the fascinating & beautiful India.

Why we love them:  These ladies are funny, sweet and just real.  We feel like we could totally hang out with them, and we would laugh the whole time!  Plus, they show us the most beautiful places on Earth!

How long they’ve been travelling together:  We’ve been on the road for a year, and we’re currently in our 9th country.

Their advice:  Get creative – In the modern world where Instagram is a prodigious community, creativity is most certainly King.  We aren’t all born natural photographers, however with the beauty of editing software such as Lightroom & Photoshop, there are heaps of ways you can add creativity to your shots.

Be Yourselves & Have Fun – This one is really important, as it’s easy to start comparing yourselves to others and consequently losing your own identity.  Remember nobody is more you-er than you, and that will always be your greatest strength.  It’s also easy to get so wrapped up in taking the perfect shot that you forget to have fun.  Trust us when we say the best photos are the ones taken when you’re both relaxed and enjoying yourselves.

Be Patient – Instagram is a hard game to crack so don’t feel deflated if you aren’t growing as quickly as you’d like to be.  Just keep working hard, enjoy the journey and trust that good content will prosper in the end.

Where to follow them:  They have some awesome tips and itineraries up on their blog, and you can find them on Instagram too.



Who they are:  We met 13 years ago in Vail Colorado when Jana came from Bulgaria to snowboard for one winter.  We fell in love and long story short, we’ve been together as a couple for 11 years now.  We are very passionate about traveling, spreading positivity and living a healthy lifestyle.  Jana’s been plant-based for over 15 years and Mikey for 12. We love the ocean and care about our environment.  We hope to inspire people to love the life they live and to be more kind and loving towards every living being.

Why we love them:  How can we not?! These two have beautiful pictures, and on top of it, they always have such motivating and positive captions.  They make anything and everything seem possible!

How long they’ve been travelling together:  We’ve been traveling together part-time for the past 10 years, and we’ve been to 53 countries as a couple.

Their advice:  One of the main things is to know and have a clear vision and idea of why you are doing it.  Figure out your message and the things that make you different and unique.

Another very important tip we tell everyone is to not get caught in the game of numbers, engagement and comparisons.  Don’t measure your worth by the algorithm and know that your relationship with each other is more important than your Instagram account.

Also, understand that it takes time to grow your account, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away.  Focus on getting better with your photography or other skills and make sure you dedicate more time to your relationship and the fun part of the journey.

Where to follow them:  Their Instagram feed is just goals and they have an awesome blog as well.



Who they are:  Hey everyone we are Corina and Greg.  A married couple living and working in NYC, travelling the world as much as possible.  Combined we have been to over 50 countries and our current goal it to hit all 7 continents together, which we only have 1 left!  Africa is the last one and we are hoping to knock off this next spring.

Why we love them:  For so many reasons!  These NYC folk show the best of the city, plus they travel to the coolest places (hello Iceland and Copenhagen!)  Plus, their editing is just super dreamy!  When we head back to NYC, we know who we want as tour guides!

How long they’ve been travelling together:  We first started travelling together just 3 weeks after meeting when we made a trip to Sayulita, Mexico.  All our friends thought we were crazy to be travelling internationally or travelling anywhere with someone we had just met, but if felt right!  And hey, 5 years later, we are happily married, travelling all over the world together.

Their advice:  1: If you are trying to make this into a business know it is going to take a lot of time and hard work.  It doesn’t happen overnight and be prepared to spend 3-5 hours a day growing your account, for at least the first 6 months.

2: Content is king.  This doesn’t mean you have to have the best equipment.  It just means try to be creative and take pictures from your own perspective.  Don’t just only take the same pictures that you see 100 times over on Instagram.  Switch up the poses, try and be as natural in the photos (which can be hard).  Laughing is key for this one we find lol.

3: Do it for fun!  If it is not fun, it is not worth doing!!

Where to follow them: You can tag along their travels through their blog and on Instagram



Who they are: We are Bre and Daniel from Colorado, USA.  We’re husband and wife, best friends, and travel companions.  We strive to deeply learn about each place we travel to through visiting local villages and partaking in volunteer opportunities.  As for our future, we’re not sure what it holds, but we are confident that our every move will be made in love and adventure.

Why we love them:  Because they are just lovable!  More than a travel couple, these two are our friends.  We had the pleasure of travelling 3 countries with them, and we can’t wait to discover more.  Their feed is beautiful and they are showcasing the best of South America right now.  Why did we not keep travelling with them?

How long they’ve been travelling together:  The world is a vast place and we knew it would take more than a lifetime to see, so in September 2017, we sold our belongings, packed our backpacks, and boarded a one-way flight to India. We’ve been on the road for 13+ months with no sign of stopping.

Their advice:  One of our favorite parts about being an Instagram user is that we’ve been able to evolve and learn as photographers and content creators.  We recommend using the platform to push yourself, to sometimes fail, and to grow from it.  Don’t be afraid to be creative, but also stay authentic.  We worry about the future of photography when images are faked or manipulated to a point of nonrecognition.

Try new things.  If you’re naturally good at landscape photography, try some portraits and use the platform for instant feedback.  Lastly, don’t think that your account needs to look like thousands of others to be successful.  Highlight the locals.  Post food pictures.  Take silly photos of yourself.  Just have fun with it and breathe — it’s only Instagram after-all.

Where to follow them: You can see where they are on the daily through their Instagram, or check out their blog for more details and inspiration.



Who they are:  We’re Zach and Tara Brose, creators and curators of The League Collective of Brands.  We’re born and raised in the United States (Zach in Wisconsin and Tara in South Carolina- but we met and fell in love in New York City).  We currently call Bali home.

Why we love them:  These two are all about wellness and living a great life.  We loved following their adventures through Greece.  Their pictures are always dreamy, and we just love it when they get creative and scribbly on their feed.  Come on, look how cool this picture looks!

How long they’ve been travelling together:  In 2017, we said goodbye to our beloved NYC and set out to travel full-time and build The League Collective into a lifestyle destination for all things travel, fashion and design.  Simply put, life in style for the modern adventurer.

Their advice:  Choose a niche and do it really really well!  The market is super saturated these days, so do something that is uniquely “you” and then perfect it. You can expand later! ie- traveling with a dog, the best Michelin-starred restaurants around the world, boutique hotels, something like that! Define your space and make yourselves known for it.  The better your photos/video are, the more you’ll stand out!  Invest in a nice camera and learn to use it well!

Where to follow them:  You can check out their amazing work on their blog, or see their daily posts up on Instagram.



Who they are:  Our names are Jared and Desiree.  We met in 2012 while attending Brigham Young University Hawaii.  After our marriage in 2015, we have always had a dream of travelling the world, but we weren’t yet sure how to go about it.  Starting in January of 2018, we saw an opportunity to take Instagram more seriously, and we started sharing our photos, experiences, and positivity with others.  It took a lot of work and research, but our following finally grew large enough to start working with brands and doing collaborations.

Why we love them:  Their silly antics and fun personalities got us hooked from the get-go.  Their feed is the happiest thing we’ve seen and their stories make us think we could be good friends!

How long they’ve been travelling together:  We finally made our dreams come true at the end of August (this year, 2018), when we worked to save up money, sold everything we had, and took off to start exploring!  We have been on the road (or in the air) ever since.

Their advice:  Be yourself!  Find your niche and roll with that.  It may take a while to figure out what you want to share or how to share it, but keep experimenting until you do.  No matter how many accounts may seem similar to yours, you can always find something to make yours unique and offer something different to your audience.

Tip 2: Do your research!  Learn about hashtags, the algorithm, optimizing your posting times, how often to post, etc.  This, too, will take some experimenting, but don’t give up!  There are a lot of resources out there that have answered many of the questions we had.  We have even found a lot of inspiration from analyzing successful accounts and determining what is working for them.

Where to follow them:  You can find them on Instagram or you can check out their awesome weekly vlogs on Youtube.



Who they are:  We are Kim & Raphaël, a French couple that grew up in the Caribbean on the island that Haiti and Dominican Republic share.

Why we love them:  Saying we love their pictures is just not enough!  They are beautiful and they go to magical places together.  They are awesome, and somehow, they make long-distance relationships look so easy.

How long they’ve been travelling together:  Our first big trip was Cuba, summer 2017.  We stayed one month, which is still too little for this wonderful place.  I started taking pictures during this trip with the idea of documenting our travels.  In the beginning Rapha was reluctant but he started getting into it, and developed a taste for it.  When we got back we decided to start our couple travel account, so we could help young travellers with authentic experiences.

Their advice:  After doing it for almost a year we we happy a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t.  So here are our top tips:

Post consistently.  Posting every day is super important.  The more you post, the more chances for your followers to see your pictures (or even people that don’t follow you will find you through the explore page or hashtags)

Post good content.  Try to post the best content you can.  Good content means good quality pictures but also unique ones (either a unique angle of somewhere popular or a brand new beautiful place that no one knows).

Be yourself and enjoy this journey.  It is super important to enjoy this journey in every aspect from taking pictures, to editing them and posting them on the Gram.  If you don’t enjoy the process, you will get tired of it and will feel like all this is fake or superficial (I often felt like that, so I took responsibility for it and now I have much more fun). Always spread love!

Where to follow them:  You can see all their amazing pictures on Instagram.

Did you think we were done?  Well nope!  We have our own advice to give as well.  But we’ll keep it short and sweet, because everyone has given some amazing tips already.

wediditourway sharing ice cream bohol philippines

Our advice:  It’s called social media for a reason.  Get social, make friends and actually connect with people.  Social media gets a bad rep for being too curated and fake, and sometimes, it can be.  But one of our favourite things about this platform is that we got to make so many real connections with other couples and people.  We’ve met a few of them on the road, and our experience would not have been the same had we not created these real friendships.

Social media and travelling can both get lonely at times, so if you really want to make the best of this experience, reach out to people, talk to them, make real connections, meet up with them.  Heck!  This article would not have been possible had we not reached out to all these beautiful people.

So go out there, document your travels, bring people on this trip with you and always have fun.  And remember, Instagram is just a platform.  It may not be here forever, so until then, make friends, have fun, and enjoy this trip you’re on!

Have you found these tips helpful? Do you have other tips to add to this? We’d love to know in the comments.  And if you’re ready to take the leap and go on this journey, make sure you check out our blog on how to take couple pictures for Instagram.

We put a lot of time and effort into the content we create.  Please like, comment and share, every action on your part helps us out tremendously and is very much appreciated.

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How to take couple pics for Instagram

How do we take our pictures for Instagram? We aren’t pros, but take a look at these tips to up your photography game.

Ok, it’s time for us to come clean and finally admit how we take couple pics for our Instagram feed.  This is probably the question we get the most often, after how we’re able to travel full-time.  Most assume we have a professional photographer that travels with us, or that we ask strangers to take our shots for us.  The truth is far from that.

Actually, we take all our shots by ourselves, with help from some very handy gear.  We’re not professional photographers, and we’re not models.  Everything we’ve learned has been self-taught.  We’re nowhere close to being done with our photography journey though, so sit tight, because this is only the beginning.

Having fun taking our pics!  This one is from Dilijan in Armenia

So here are the best tips we want share with you to take some good couples pictures.  Hopefully, they help you take some awesome IG pics as well (or just good pictures during your travels).  After all, these memories will last you a lifetime, and it’s pretty cool to share the stunning things you see with loved ones too.

Find some inspiration

There are tons of great accounts out there that will help inspire you on how to take pictures.  If you’re looking for poses, you can check out other couple or wedding photographer accounts.  If you’re looking for fashion shots, editing style, or framing, you can find it all on Instagram or Pinterest.  Just be respectful of other people’s art.  Getting inspired is fine, but never copy.  That’s just not cool.

Here are some of our favourite travel couples that inspire us every day:

@wanderersandwarriors:  We met these guys a while back in Singapore and they are so fun, approachable and genuine.  You can see their light shine through their pictures.

Charlie and Lauren from @wanderersandwarriors

@mariefeandjakesnow:  These two look so sweet, so kind and they work so hard to make the world a better place.  Their feed is beyond stunning.  More on them later!

Marie and Jake from @mariefeandjakesnow

@theloveandadventure:  Another couple we were lucky enough to meet and travel with (3 countries and counting).  They’re easy-going, adventurous and kind.  Plus, they go to awesome off-the-beaten-path locations.

Brie and Daniel from @theloveandadventure

@travelingfortwo:  These guys are fun-loving, easy-going and super relatable.  We love how they don’t even look like they try to take good pics, they just do!

Marla and Joel from @travelingfortwo

@lezseetheworld:  Fellow Canucks, and all-around awesome couple.  These two are super sweet and their pics are so lovey!

Kaitlin and Steph from @lezseetheworld

Get a camera with a timer or wifi

The gear you use will help you immensely.  Our camera has a timer function that allows us to set it, get into position then snaps up to 10 pictures of us.  Sometimes, we use our phone as a remote (and viewfinder) because our camera has wifi capabilities.

If you’re just getting started, we highly recommend our camera, the Canon EOS 1300D.  It’s great to learn the ropes and perfect your skills.

Use a tripod

Yes, this is the big trick, our big secret weapon.  Get yourself a good, sturdy tripod.  This has been our greatest investment and purchase yet.  Thanks for the advice Wanderers and Warriors.  You can’t rely on others to take the pictures you want, especially if you’re shooting in Manual mode.  Trust us, do yourself a favour, and get a tripod.  It will help your art so much!

Act natural

Sure, it’s a bit weird to pose in front of a camera on a tripod.  Sure, people will stare.  But ignore them and do your thing.  We used to feel super awkward, but now, we just act natural.  Our biggest tip is just to have fun with it.

stealing my ice cream Alona beach philippines
We started shooting and she decided to steal my ice cream. Can’t get more natural than that!

Use the best light

Sure, you can pretty much change anything with Lightroom and Photoshop, but give yourself a good start.  Make sure you shoot when the light is the best and softest, aka Golden Hour.

If you love sunrise, then you’re in luck, because that’s a good time to shoot.  If you’re like us and like to sleep, then you’re also in luck, because you have golden hour before sunset too.

Chocolate Hills Sunrise shoot golden hour bohol philippines
Taking advantage of the soft golden lighting at sunrise, at the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines

If you’re shooting outside of those hours, when the sun is the harshest, make sure you underexpose your pictures so the sun doesn’t “burn” any pixels.  Yeah, we may have learned this the hard way.

Overexposed picture from the waterfalls in Negros Oriental, Philippines
Where is Derek’s foot? The sun “burned” the pixels in this overexposed shot

Use Lightroom

Ok, this is another secret lifesaver/game-changer.  Get yourself a Lightroom account, pay the $15USD per month, and turn any picture into art.  Seriously.

Lightroom has helped us up our game so much.  You can change anything from the exposure of the shot, to the colours (hue, saturation and luminance), the angle of the shot, whatever.  You can get rid of things (or people) too.  It takes some learning to master it, and we’re no masters… yet.  We’re getting there!

The magic of Lightroom brought the colours of the sunset to life

Little editing tip (also a photography tip): Always, ALWAYS shoot in RAW.  You will capture so much more details in your pics and editing will be easier.

And if you want to make things even easier, we recommend buying presets.  They automatically turn your pictures into the style you want.  Our favourites come these 2 accounts:

Never stop learning/evolving

From your photography style to your editing skills, there are tons of tools out there to help you out.  Like we said, we’ve learned all our skills by ourselves, but with the help of some great teachers.

We constantly search on YouTube for photography tips and editing tricks.  We want our art to evolve with time.  You can see how we used to shoot vs how we shoot now, the change is shocking.  We’re going to keep growing and learning.

Little photography tip:  Make sure you know how to shoot in Manual mode. It will take your pictures to the next level.

Be mindful of others

Sure, we say to ignore others, but we’re talking about ignoring their funny looks and laughs.  Yes, they will laugh and stare.  Or cheer, like the time Derek picked me up in front of a crowd!  Whatever happens, be mindful of others.  Don’t take too much time in front of a popular spot.  Don’t push people out of the way.  Don’t yell at them (yeah, we’ve seen it happen).  Just be cool, wait your turn, do your thing and move on.

We waited for 15 minutes to take this shot in front of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. We did 10 quick snaps and were out of there in under a minute.

Never disrespect

This is a no-brainer for us.  Don’t break the rules.  Don’t take pictures of others without their consent.  Don’t change your outfit in a religious place to look sexier for the likes.  If you bring props, take them back with you (please don’t litter).  Don’t shoot on people’s properties without their approval.

Treat the places you’re in and the people you’re around with respect.  Don’t forget, you’re not just representing yourself, you’re representing all Instagram couples and content creators.  Don’t give the community a bad rep!

We asked a security guard for permission before shooting with our tripod in Hassan 2 Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco

Don’t just do it for the ‘Gram

This is key.  Don’t ever, EVER, do things just for the ‘gram.  Don’t chase the likes or follows by doing anything dangerous.  Don’t go take pictures of places only because they’re the cool spots for Instagram.  Don’t get into arguments together because of pictures.  Don’t do things that don’t make you happy.  And no matter what, never take pictures if you’re not in a good mood.  Because it will show.

So if you’re not both in the mood to take pics, just don’t do it.  And if you need other tips on how to travel as a couple, you can read more about it here.

Having fun during our shoots and making sure we don’t actually kill each other

Invest in good photography equipment

Okay, so you can get yourself some really expensive gear and shoot in automatic, or get yourself some decent gear and learn the ropes before you upgrade.  This will totally depend on how much you want to invest from the get-go, and how much you’re willing to learn.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you’re comfortable using the gear you have.

So here is some of the gear we use, and what we wish we had (Yeah, we’ll be upgrading as soon as we have an income).


Here is what we use:


Canon EOS 1300D:  Great starter DSLR camera, tons of great functions, shoots videos in HD and has wifi capabilities.

GOPRO Session 4:  Great for underwater video and shots.  It’s small, light and compact.  The only small downside is that you don’t see what you’re shooting, unless you use your phone as a screen.


GoPro accessories kit: It has everything you need to use your GoPro in all sorts of ways.  Great value for what you get.

Benro tripod: We love this thing.  It helps us shoot in pretty much all conditions, at different heights.  It’s light and portable.

Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch:  Light, powerful, beautiful, you will need one to edit your pictures and give them that extra little umph!

Toshiba 2TB external hard drive:  Because when you take this many pictures, you’ll need the extra storage.  Cloud based storage is great, but you don’t always have a good internet connection.

Aukey battery pack:  This thing is our lifesaver.  Whenever we’re running low on juice (for our camera or our phones), this little guy saves the day.

Next items to add to our arsenal:

DJI Mavic: We have serious drone envy when we see epic drone shots.  If we were to do this again, we would totally splurge and get one of these.  Yes, this will be the first thing we get when we have an income.

GoPro Dome: This takes stunning half underwater/out-of-water shots.

Chefchaouen blue streets wediditourway morocco
Good times getting lost in Chefchaouen, Morocco, and snapping pics along the way

So there you have it!  Our top tips for taking nice couple pics.  Our biggest advice is that no matter what you do, have fun!  Enjoy the process and don’t be scared to grow and learn.  Just enjoy the ride.  Laugh, be silly and stay in love.

We’d love to hear if you have any other tips for taking good couples pictures. Feel free to share them in the comments below.

Note:  The article contains Amazon affiliate links, on which we’ll make a small commission if you end up purchasing a product.  It’s at no extra cost to you.  You pay the same amount as if you visited Amazon directly.  The good thing is you’ll be helping us create free content and keeping this blog online.  For this, we are eternally grateful!

We put a lot of time and effort into the content we create.  Please like, comment and share, every action on your part helps us out tremendously and is very much appreciated.

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