Living the good life in France

It doesn’t take much for us to be happy in life.  In fact, having spent over 11 months on the road, we’ve realized that the small simple pleasures in life are what make us happiest.  So you can only imagine our joy when we finally got to settle down for a few weeks on a vineyard in Gaillac, France.  This quickly became what our retirement dreams are made of.

Vineyard in Gaillac France rolling hills

Imagine being nestled in the middle of the green rolling hills, sprinkled with sunflower fields.  Cute stone churches and towns with their typical tile roofs spread out in the distance.  The quiet serenity of only hearing the wind blowing, the birds chirping and the bees buzzing.  This view and peaceful mood are like nowhere else on earth.

Sunflower field in Gaillac France

Imagine waking up with the sun slowly creeping its way in from your wooden window shutters.  Having French baguette and exquisite cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  (No, the routine is not repetitive, it’s delicious)  Growing your vegetables directly on the land and eating them fresh, after picking them.  Drinking wine that was made on this same vineyard, or at least, in the same region, by a friendly neighbour.  Once you’ve had your fill of drink and food, you are free to take une petite sieste, because there is another meal coming at you shortly.

@pepinmtl cooking an amazing meal in Gaillac, France

Imagine sitting out on the field every day, come rain or shine, and just taking in this beauty, day-in and day-out.  Inhaling fresh air that breathes new life into what happiness is.  Making you forget your worries (but seriously, what are you worried about?), making you forget the world, helping you realize that this is the good life.

You can also have a taste of this good life quite easily.  The whole Gaillac area is actually known for producing great wines.  We were lucky to be here during the Foire de Gaillac, when local producers gather in a park, set up kiosks and allow you to taste their best wines.  Every first weekend in August, for 5 euros, you can enjoy the Foire.  You get a souvenir wine glass that you carry around from one kiosk to the next to try their offering.  You can even buy bottles to take home or drink on-site.  It’s not quite like living on the vineyard… you need to have a relative who lives there to have that privilege.  But it’s close enough.

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Here's how we lived the good life on a vineyard in France. Best month we've spent eating good food, drinking good wine.