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Who we are


Hi, we are Carine and Derek, 2 free-spirited, fun-loving Canadians out to discover the world.  We always do things our way – from our wedding day, to the way we travel and how we live on the daily.  We want to inspire other to live their best life and follow their own rules.

Why work with us

As a couple, we’re down-to-earth, relatable and funny (or so we’ve been told). We love to learn and experience new things every day. We have a solid work ethic and a creative solution-oriented mindset.

We want to partner with brands who want to shine a new light on travel and lifestyle, brands who are doing things in a way that’s innovative, creative and sustainable. Brands who also do things their way!


Carine is the planner.  Armed with Graduate’s diploma in Marketing and 14 years experience working in advertising, communications and marketing, she runs the social media accounts and freelances as a marketing consultant.

Derek is the get-things-done guy.  He takes care of the programming for our travel blog. Together, we take pictures and edit them, write content for the blog and for brands.  We work best as a tag team duo.

What we can deliver

We can work with you to find creative solutions to help reach your business objectives.

Creative and strategic content creation: We can create pictures, stories, blog posts and more.  Through professional writing, beautiful imagery, and targeted SEO keywords, we will ensure the content we create is seen and saved by future travelers.

Shareable and memorable content:  We tell our daily story with our genuine personal touch, through colourful images and captivating copywriting.  We strive to produce memorable and highly shareable content on our platforms.  We can do the same for yours.

Influence:  We have a loyal, organic audience that we have worked hard to grow, and feature only genuine, first-hand experiences.  We want to inspire others to follow in our footsteps by offering honest and trustworthy recommendations.  Micro influencers are trusted sources of recommendations for followers, more than larger influencers.

Community demographics

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Past partnerships

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For a copy of our media kit, or for any other inquiries, feel free to email us at or fill out the from below.


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